Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finding Love after 21

I have written a lot of posts already here and in about love and related teen stuff. Rarely do I write gloomy stuff as you all know Kitty is an ostentatious optimist. But I honestly want to write this, to share the darker side of my life with my handful of readers.

Finding a love has been the most massive search ever made in the history of humankind and was one search that has been made by most men on earth. In this modern era when marriages happen in late 20s people just can’t wait finding their soulmates.

I have given date advices to many and they did work in most cases. But I never felt love is something that is to be searched rather it’s something to be found. Love is something that happens naturally and you can’t just brew love.

So I waited or I was looking for that one girl. Well eventually my glands work normally and I felt oxytocin gushing in my veins when I saw her. All my senses right from my sub conscious said that she was the one for me.

What next? Dreams of happily ever after. Her name started ringing in the audio part of my cerebrum. Her image made a permanent impression on my retina etc etc. I bugged every bit of my neural network to get the list of friends I have from her school and college.

I ransacked the social networking sites to find at least a word more about her. I searched and researched all in vain. All I wanted was to know something, at least anything what she would like, what does she do anything that would interest her.

At last I found her. I felt like I had made an Vascodagamic discovery of finding the land of treasures. Just when I opened her profile one word caught my attention, that changed everything. The whole world came crashing down on me. Life turned upside down, oxytocin in the blood felt like sodium cyanide. The word is 'Committed'.

In the gloomiest time of my life there I saw a silver lining. Something dawned on me. One of my recent friends, a charming gal who is also committed told me this. “Never ever give up. Persevere till the last bit of you. Unless and until she is engaged she is definitely not not yours”. I acquiesced to this bible verse, and started a new day.

Nascent hopes were blooming from all my insides. A new day has come. Kitty is all cheerful. Another energetic day in Kitty’s life ended finding out that she is not just committed but, engaged.

What in heavens name you expect me to say? Well all I would say is “THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME”. Well now she is one of my Orkut friends. Just another misfortunate miss in the long list of ‘missies who missed me’.

Man isn’t it really annoying when every other gal you fall in love is already committed.

It’s high time that we forget all those f**king philosophies about love magic that happens all of a sudden. Start your search right now. Cool girls are hard to find. Go grab your girl today. Offers limited.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why am I having 3rd thoughts about having a Girl friend?

I am having a cool time here at my work place. I have reclaimed my position as Mr.Nerd or something near the Omniscient (Thanks to Dr.Scheme). Naturally I have at least a few ppl now, who care to talk to me, and yes of course a few girls.

Naturally again, I have been questioned on being committed. I am not sure, whether I am assuming things, or whether they are really surprised, when I give the obvious answer that I am single.

This goaded me into writing why am I single? I am not single because,
I am not Handsome, or
I am in a pathetic economical condition, or
I am good for nothing, or
I am too numb to feel love.

May be a few of these things about me are true(it's upto you to choose which ones), but the reason I am single is not because of one of those above stated reasons.

I am working in a widespread IT company and I don’t have a city to call it as my city.

Let’s say that my girl friend (assuming that I manage to have one) is in another city.
Total Monetary Expenses in a month:
1. Phone Bill (approx) 1500INR
On an average let’s say that the total call duration, that I make in a day to her, sums up to 100minutes. Even with STD boosters, in India, an STD calls costs at least 50P per minute.
50P x 100 = 50INR per day.
50 x 30 = 1500 INR
(If you use idea and walk while you talk, this will be a good exercise. Yet an expensive one.)

2. I will have to visit her at least once in a month. With my work pressure, I have two choices to take a train on the Friday night or a flight on the Friday evening.
Net charges for the to and fro journey may vary from 2500 – 5000 INR.
*Exclusive of medical charges that I will have to incur, as long journeys make me sick.
Net charges for the to and fro journey may vary from 5000 – 11000
At least in India you can’t stay at your girl friend’s place.
The most economical option will cost at least 500INR for 2 days.
Net expenses 5000(approx) + 500 + 500(Miscellaneous) = 6000 INR

3. You can’t evade away from paying the restaurant bills during that weekend.
Assume that I pay 4 Bills that weekend. The worst part is it should be some place, where you pay for the place rather than the food.
Lunch/Dinner for the 2 of us would cost at least 400 (*Exclusive of deserts)
(400 + 100(Desserts)) x 4 = 2000 INR

4. At least once in 2 months, I should buy her a dress or some expensive gift to keep her reminded of me, despite the calls I make everyday.
Let’s assume that gift/dress costs 2000 INR every 2 months.
2000/2 = 1000 INR per month

So the total expenses for maintaining a girl friend = 1500 + 6000 + 2000 + 1000
= 10,500 INR per month

Imagine a guy who makes not more than 20 grand a month. How do you expect him to spend more than half his salary on just his girl friend?

Let’s assume that I get a non-bitchy girlfriend, who shares half my expenses. Even then I have to spend 25% of my salary.

In the rest 15K, I should pay for my expenses viz., house rent, food, clothes, my regular phone bill, gadgets and lots more of other miscellaneous expenses.

Forget sending some money to my parents, at least I should live without sucking more money from them. I have sucked their hard earned money for the past 2 decades.

Let’s ignore the economical factors. Now look at the Time (is gold) factor. I should spend at least 2 hours of my active time in a day for her, and at least 1 hour in dreaming about her.

In a month I spend 30 x 3 = 90 of my daily hours = 3.5 days(Aprox)
1 Weekend with her = 2 days.
Net time spent for maintaining a girl friend = 5.5 days a month.
5.5 x 12 = 66 days in a year. 66/365 = 18.08%
1/5th of my total time on just mashing with her. (I wonder whether I have enough things to talk about! May be she can handle that.)

After all these do you still expect me to have a girl friend?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

10 things about marrying a BeaUtifuL Gal

I got up by six in the morning. For a moment I forgot the hardships of life, and got lost in her beautiful sleeping visage. Suddenly the realization dawned on me. I had to prepare coffee for her. This was the first of the stupid things, I initiated in my crazy attempts to impress my nascent beautiful wife.

I kissed her on the forehead to wake her up, and gave her the cup. She got up took a shower that lasted for an eternity, followed by her ages long make-up. She came to the dinning table for breakfast.

Despite getting late for office, I still have to stay cool, and feel like I have just had a glimpse of the God himself, when I see her. However it had been more than a million times, I still have to say that again, “You are gorgeous.” She would respond with her micro blush that tells 'I know that already'.

I have to kiss, sorry try to kiss her before I leave. This is a sign of me still being doped by her beauty. But as always she would pull me away, more because she doesn't want to mess with her make up.

While I am in my office, I had to call her in every break, and say 'I Miss you'. She will complain that hercolleagues are flirting with her, and she feels so very uncomfortable bearing their stares. I would want to tell her it's all because of her blood red lipstick that shows a red signal asking them to stop their gaze. But you know I can't.

After a full day of exhaustive work, I would come back home tired. She would still feel fresh, but would complain that the climate was bad that she had to touch up every now and then. When I say that I am tired, she would co(oldly)oolly say that the smart guy in her office helped her out to complete her work, and her boss exempted her of a few tasks as she looked great thatday.

I would take a few mins or nanoseconds, when compared to the time she spends in shower, but she will feel offended for I was already late for the dinner. Even if I am dead tired, and I want to stay back home for dinner, I can't be excused.This will reflect that I am no more interested in the dazzling love of my life.

After all this, finally we go to bed. Whether or not I feel anything or do anything, she would put a warning note, that we had done it already that week, and she don't want to do it again until next week. She is more concerned about her deteriorating beauty, as that's what I married her for.

All I do is sleep feeling how lucky I am to have a beauty queen as my wife. But I don't even have the luxury to rejoice that for long, as I have to get some sleep to face another day of my beautiful life.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shriya- 15,567 in L(ove)ine

I watched this movie ‘The Other End of the Line’ this evening. Honestly a very beautiful movie. I bet everyone with normal hormonal functions will love that. ‘Ouch’ ya fine no problem with the movie being beautiful, but this post is not about the movie, it’s about the Super-Gorgeous Shriya the protagonist of the movie.

Right from the first scene when Shriya is shown as working in the call-centre a bell started ringing in me. ‘May be I should make a career out of these call-centers. Man gorgeous women work there, though not Shriya at least her beautiful friend..’

Then after some moments I realized, ‘That’s stupid. There are beautiful women everywhere.’

When the first time Shriya showed signs of love for a stranger over the phone, ‘Wow that sounds like a superb idea! What if I go to America and buy a citi bank credit card and may be I will get a call from a beautiful girl like Shriya.”

“BULLSHIT” an instantaneous response from the back of my head. I continued to enjoy the movie or at least the Shriya part of it.

On ascending steps Shriya’s heel broke leaving cracks in my heart. Every step she took with difficulty was like plunging the sharp edge of her heel into my cardiac muscles. I told myself, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine, she will be fine.’ Man you see I am madly in love with her.

The movie went on. When Shriya meets him on the hotel accidentally, ‘This is reasonable. Perfectly reasonable. Why not I whack on her, and may be, ask her out for dinner.”

“Alarm! Alarm!’ The very little sanity left in me blared. ‘Idiot don’t you see, don’t you see he is handsome, hot and what not etc. if at all you whack a woman she may very well file a complaint against you.’ Trying hard to pull my broken heart together, I consoled myself that I am not that bad looking either.

On the party scene with Shriya in the velvet party wear. ‘Honestly this is easy. You don’t have to be handsome to buy such a chick party wear.”

The economist part of me pricked, ‘Mannnn, what are you talking about! A party wear in DOLLARS from a store in San Francisco.’ I swallowed, ‘I guess I have somewhere around 0.2 dollars in my pocket right now’.

‘Never mind’ I told myself trying to concentrate on the movie again.

Finally when he kissed Shriya at the climax, I had 90degrees. Hey! Hey! Hold it right there, I was talking about my hair. Lost in thought I let the names scroll at the end of the movie with the pleasant lines, ‘I can’t help falling in love with you..’ were playing reflecting my thoughts about Shriya.

After some 20 minutes I was sitting in my friend’s room, with the image of Shriya never leaving my eyes. I told him, “Man she is simply biiiutiiippuull. I can’t get her image out of my retina. Man….” I sighed deeply.
He coldly said, “Well, well, well this is your love no: 15,567.”

Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 Advantages of having a GirlFriend

I am genuinely bored of people complaining about girl friends and the slogans like ‘No love no worries.’ I had a really good time when I was in my previous relationship and I have also seen girls who are much better girlfriends than mine.

So I am here listing the 10 main advantages of having a girl friend:

1. You never have to worry about killing time. You can always sit in some private place and blabber off without worrying a tad about making sense. With a bit more privacy you can even experiment a few biological aspects of the evolution of homo-sapiens

2. You never have to bother your friends to accompany you to a movie. Even if you are the only guy who would ever love a movie you can always count on your girl friend to accompany you to the theatre

3. You can sneak out girly gossips and show off to your mates. Seriously if you ever manage to crack a few secrets out of a girl about girls, you would be looked upon as a wizard among your mates who are always looking for something interesting.

4. You can always look forward help from your girl. Girl friends have more probability to help you than your mates whether or not they seriously care about you. Especially in cases like filling up assignments and record books.

5. If you manage to find a girl who is at least a tad wealthier than yourselves you can always reckon her to pay the restaurant bill. Know what, girls are freaking spenders compared to guys according to a recent survey.

6. You never have to complain about the bad road conditions or the traffic with your girl friend in the pillion. You are the worst moron if you don’t understand why.

7. You can always make your mates shut their mouths when they are boasting about something by just saying “Man she is really annoying me. How do you expect me to find a fresh deserted place every week?”

8. You can earn indirect income by giving date advises to love sick guys. As you are no longer single.

9. You can drool and mash with any number of girls without they perceiving you as flirts as you already have a girl friend. Not just that you can even make interesting conversation with other girls by asking them how to make your girl friend happy or earn their sympathy by feeling sick of your girlfriend’s aggravating interest in the relationship. (Man a girl’s sympathy can be useful in a myriad of ways :p)

10. Most importantly, you can learn a good deal about girls and hence use it to get a better girl friend.

Start now. Don’t give up. Never get fed up getting your proposal rejected by a costly girl. Never reject an offer. Something is better than nothing. Don’t keep complaining about your girl friend(s). Try to make the best use of the relationship. Happy loving!
Good luck in your teen ventures!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One day at the Call Centre

Recession has hit me hard. I could no more enjoy the blissful environment at home with the neighbors looking upon me as ‘Did he really complete his B.E. from CEG?’ So I made a resolution that I would no more remain unemployed. So I immediately started off to Chennai with hopes of getting a job at least some job.

I decided that I am more of a mouth person than a hand one. (Hey no double meanings) So I choose call centers than software companies. I gathered a few addresses from the Internet. I planned my schedule for the week.

I also dreamed of those call center cuties, who are supposedly easy targets. Well I started off from Saidapet to Velachery in 5A. I saw the commercial boards addressed as ‘Velachery Main Rd’ and got down at a deserted stop.

I was confused and enquired about the company.

“Well I don’t know whether there is any such company in this road like that.”

“Isn’t this velachery main road?”

“Well there is another road near Gurunanak college. You better try that.”

I got another bus on his guidance and got down after 2 stops. Again there was no clue. I enquired another guy. He looked at me as some country brute, who had just got down in Chennai Though I was dressed in neat formals with my 2000INR woodland cut shoes.

He gave clear instructions on how to reach the company and guided me into another bus. I reached the company early around nine to find out there was already half a dozen people waiting. Mostly guys. I tried not to get disappointed as there were a few good looking employees with my thoughts reeling to the movie ‘Yaradi Nee Mogini’

We were guided into a hall. Within a few minutes the hall was full with two dozens of candidates. We had a grammar test with 20 questions like ‘_______ sun rises in the east’.

I double checked my answers not fearing that I would not clear the first round, but fearing that I don’t want to embarrass myself by giving a wrong answer to any of those questions.

More than half of them didn’t make it to the next essay writing round. Now there were nearly 50 people in the next batch taking the first round. The HR person in her final attempt “We are recruiting for a domestic voice process and the salary is between 5 and 6 and there is no pick up and drop facility. You may have to work in roatational shifts.”

None seemed to be turning back. I finished my essay after all what have I learned in 4yrs of B.E. to fill the pages with stories. I was called in for the interview after a long wait. I wondered whether it’s a test for patience.

A fat elderly man, “Take your seat”

I sat down, “Thank you.” In a soft tone.

Interviewer: “Which college are you from?”

Me: “CEG”

EM: “CEG??!?!?”

Me: “Yes College of Engineering Guindy”

EM: “You mean the Guindy College?”

Me: “Yes”

EM: “The one in Chennai!!!”

Me: “yes” (Confused)

EM: “B.E. CSE from CEG!!!”

Me: “Yaaasss” (Wondering what’s so wrong!!!)

You know what happened next. He rejected me stating that I am over qualified.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kitty the Cat catches fish

As my close ones know, I am completely vetti* at home. Nevertheless I am enjoying this. The last long vacation before I get retired. Mom’s food, internet, Big TV, Yamaha Libero, my room, a few DVDs all these things are making life blissful. I have recently found another way to kill time occasionally other than movie theatres.

Lobby* was telling me about this fishing thing at O.T.* harbor for a long time now. He had been to fishing a couple of times already. Though he succeeded in the primary objective of killing time, he couldn’t kill a fish, I mean catch one.

He being a vegetarian has nothing to do with fishes even if he managed to catch them. Nevertheless as mentioned the primary objective was to kill time and not fish. Well so this time I was available in town. So there, we were off to FISHING.

It was a Saturday afternoon, I finished lunch. Took a break spent sometime in the internet, and started to his home. I reached his home and we scampered around for some thing on which to roll the fishing nerve*.

Unfortunately we didn’t find any free Shuttle cork rolls. So we took Lobby’s fasttrack watch case. If you don’t know how it would look refer to the pic. We started in my libero as his FZ was ill.

We called T asking him to bring all the equipments we would need for fishing. T’s dad has a shop that sells these kinda stuff. T reached the harbor in a few mins after we did.

These are the key instruments one would need for fishing:
1. The fishing nerve.
2. The fishing hook.
3. A weight.
4. Something on which to roll the fishing nerve.

T left us on some work. We prepared the setup. We had a bad time getting the string tied tightly to the fishing hook. We fixed the bait, prawns that we had bought for 5INR at the OT fish market. We had the nerve rolled to the Titan Fasttrack watch case.

Our fist attempt failed with we loosing our first bait. Second time when I threw it, Lobby left the roll loose and he dropped the Fasttrack case on water. So we now had lost A complete setup consisting of a hook, a 45metre nerve of thickness 0.5mm, a weight and most of all the wrist watch case.

So I thought that’s the end of our fishing expedition that day. We tried to call T but in vain. After sometime he himself dropped by. He had already brough 5hooks and 2 weights so the only thing we lacked was the nerve. Fortunately he had brought a nerve with him this time even without we telling him to.

What then, we prepared a complete setup again and we instead of going for deep sea fishing by throwing it far, attempted shore sea fishing by fishing right under our legs, and we manged to get one :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Love Guru - The True Dude

The Dude Guru in Cuddalore beach.

Well this is just another TEEN post, yet an important one about an important person. You would have read (hopefully :p) about me speaking about girls, chicks, babes etc etc. Well I am just a kid when compared to this guy. My LOVE GURU Mr.D.

We had been friends since 7th std, and it’s with him I first started speaking about girls. A TRUE DUDE. He does care a lot about his style, his appearance, dress, but the worst part is he used to mess it up altogether just because he cares too much about all that.

Well as usual I am gonna share something that happened this weekend. After a month long gap I was back in Cuddalore last Friday. I visited him yesterday. Just as I entered his gates,

D: “Machi* machi look near the neighbor’s door.”

Me: What the hell? Why?

D: Machi pls da. Take your bike, just go that way and come back and look out for an angel near the neighbor’s doors.

D’s Bro: Anna anna I ll also come.

So I picked his bro up and just went for a short ride, and noticed a cute girl sitting in a chair near the neighbor’s door. I came back.

D: Did you see? Did you? How is she?

Me: Well ya good.

D: Dei she is awesome da. I almost fainted, when I first saw her.

Me: Err ok.

D: Dei she is going to be your Anni* da.

Me: Oh good. (Wondering and trying to count the serial number for this Anni)

D: Ok come on let’s go.

Me: Where!!!

D: To the road da. We will just have a look and come back.

Me: Sigh!

We walked to the road and we just stood there for a second and came back into his home.

D: Did you see? Did you see?

Me: Now what?

D: Didn’t you see? She looked up at me. She stared. Man that’s amazing isn’t it?

Me: Sighhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (Even if there was a beggar passing by that road, she would have obviously noticed.)

D: See I just took two days, and I made her look at me, and you know what. I have collected a few details about her too.

Me: Well interesting what are they?

D: Her name is …. And she is from Chennai and she is about to join college. This is her Aunt’s place and she used to come here for hols.

Me: Good. So how did you manage to collect all these details?

D: Ya well naturally I am talented you see.

Me: (Bored of sighing) So, what next?

D: She will come out to take her pantie that has been drying on their rooftop, by around 5PM.

Me: Man! it’s only 3PM now.

D: Well we will wait right here in the terrace, if we come later they may doubt that we have come only for her.

Me: (Thoroughly annoyed) Nonsense you want us to wait in the sun for another couple of hours.

D: Don’t worry machi. Look at that house there. We will soon have an aunty come there to wash clothes.

See I am already bored, and I have no intention of boring you anymore.

*Anni- The term in Tamil used to address the wife of your elder brother.

*Machi- The term youth used to address their friends which is a short form of cousin (Machan). This usage is brought in to make your friends look at your girlfriend as their sister. For more explanation you can always ask me 

Friday, July 3, 2009

I another Proud Fan of THE THALAaaaa...

It’s time that the silent fans like me surface up. Thala is now undisputedly the best, and there needs no more hiding of this fact. There is no more hesitation in calling ourselves the die hard fans of our Thala. Now I m one in the millions, who openly acquiesces to the fact "He is the THALA".

I had been planning to write this post since the time I saw Aegan. But something was stopping me. But today after watching Billa 2008 for the nth time, there can’t be any delay.

I have seen many such movies with heroes in power suits and cool casuals, but none can match the grand gracious looks of the Ultimate Star. The coolers and the suits makes us feel they are invented only to ornate the addictive looks of Ajith.

His body language, the style, his grandiose gait man we would die for all that.

It doesn't just require good performing skills or dancing abilities that would make someone a star. I don't say thalal lacks in any of this. His' are of the top shelve, yet he is much more than just that. He is not just a movie star. The Ultimate star of our hearts.

The bliss of watching Thala’s movie in a theatre is unmatchable. The bliss of shouting out his name with fellow fans for every appearance he makes in the screen is more powerful than any emotion on earth.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why do I feel happy about not getting into Mcafee?

If I got into Mcafee I would have restricted myself with in system security alone, but now I have a wide range of options in TCS.

In Mcafee my designation would have been QA Engg i.e. a tester. I am rather interested in Development.

The organization is in itself very bad. I guess it’s worse than our coll org.
For correcting 10 answer sheets with 20 objective type questions they took one whole day.
For some silly procedure they let all their employees stand in long queues when I was there waiting for the interview.
They couldn’t even mail us the results of the interview. Highly irresponsive.

Mcafee is not a market leader, and is nowhere near becoming one. It is ranked 11th in the Anti-virus ratings.

If I got into Mcafee, I would have been locked up in B’lore itself, which obviously would have bored me in less than a year. In TCS I have the chance of flying off to various places.

In TCS I would have more time to think about myself than just my job.

More than all that TCS is an Indian company, and Tata group is founded by the man I admire Jamshedji Tata.

Finally when I sent this message to my friends:

My loving bro Vallabh Prasanth said: “Dont worry da.... That asshole company doesn even knock out virus ..... But now i know why its so bad”

My sweet friend Arul : “So sad! Bad luck to Mcafee it lost a good employee!”

One important thing which I had forgotten to mention; In Mcafee as far as I observed, female to male ratio is as low as 1:30 (Approx)


Sunday, June 28, 2009

R & the Kitchen

After playing Age of Empires in LAN with N till 3AM, I got up by 9.30 this morning. R was waiting in the Kitchen cleaning up the mess caused by the overflowed flour.

R: We can have Idly Podi* for Dosa, but I don’t know where is the Oil!

Me: What nonsense! You have grown up to 22yrs old now. Can’t you prepare a Chutney?

R: Hmmm… what chutney?

Me: Coconut and nuts.

R: (After checking all the boxes for the nut) Hey it seems we don’t have it at home, get it from the shop.

Me: (After getting it back to kitchen) Ya here.

R: Can you break open the coconut?

Me: Sigh!!! (Opened it in 3 hard smashes)

R: Take the coconut out of its shell.

Me: Get me a screw driver.

R: What! Use the knife.

Me: I am allergic towards Knife u better do that.

R after a long struggle managed to get a few small pieces of coconut and grinded the coconut and the other nut* in a big jar.

Me: Hey idiot it’s a juice jar.

R: What’s wrong whatever be the jar. I don’t find the smaller jar.

Me: Sigh!!

R: (Tastes the Chutney) Oops!!

Me: What did u forget salt?

R: No… There is too much salt in it. We have to add more coconut and nuts.

Starts to struggle with knife and coconut again.

Me: I said use a screw driver.

She gets me one, and I finished the entire coconut in less than a minute.

Me: This is why I said use a screw driver.

Adds the coconuts and nuts into the jar, grinds and tastes it

R: Hmm hmm it’s still salty.

Me: Idiot don’t you even have the common sense that you should start with little salt and then add more if needed.

R: Ya what an idiot I am. Sh*t what shall I do now.

Me: Well run away somewhere far away and never ever get yourself married with someone and spoil the life of a guy.

R: Hmmm hmm let me add this chilly (adds a big green chilly into the jar)

Me: Seriously you are going to give a very bad time to your in-laws.

R: Hey don’t speak too much. Do you know to do all this.

Me: Well I will never mess up something as simple, and I am a year younger than you, and I have 7 more years for marriage before which I ll get good at cooking, and I would have earned enough to employ a cook, or at the least I will conduct a cookery test for the girl before I marry her.

R: (Tastes the chutney now after grinding the chilly) This still tastes horrible.

The chutney was now over 2 times the initial estimate due to repeated addition of coconuts and nuts to neutralize excess salt. She placed the dosa pan on the stove and poured the flour on it. It was already 11AM and I was waiting hungrily for the dosa.

R: (Messes up the dosa) Cha even I don’t get this dosa properly. Why does all this happen only to me!

Me: ?!?!?

*Idly Podi: A ready made spicy powder usually home made which is served with cooking oil for idlies and dosas the two popular south Indian dishes made of rice flour.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bangalore Beauties

If you are by any chance a regular reader of my blog, you would have come across my cries about the delay in TCS calling me in. As I have already mentioned, I have an emotional attachment with TCS, yet I am bored of sitting idle at home. So I planned to attend the interview for Mcafee in Bangalore this week.

Oh sorry I haven’t told you why I am attached with TCS. Well I will tell you now. There are two primary reasons for this:
1. I read about Jamshedji (pardon me if I spelt the name wrong) Tata in my 10th standard. So I got motivated to work in a Tata company.
2. When I joined CEG I read in news papers that TCS took in 1000+ students that year in campus and my neighbor who did her 4th yr IT in CEG had also got placed in TCS, so I started dreaming of me too getting placed in TCS when I reach my 4th yr, as I had no idea about other companies or placements.

Ok fine so this is about the past. Now coming to the present, my cousin N and I took his Unicorn and searched for “McAfee India Pvt Ltd Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Pine Valley 2nd Floor, Off Indiranagar - Koramangala Intermediate Ring road, Bangalore - 560 071” for about two hours, and finally after a thorough search someone told us that it was near the Dell Office building.

Then we started our quest for Pine valley by walk. In course of this search we came across many cute babes. I sighed whether I would get a job in that place, and someday may be have one such babe in my Thunderbird’s pillion.

We got into Embassy Business Park and we walked for some 10minutes with no clue of pine valley or Mcafee. Finally a couple (bf-gf) who walked past us, guided us, that we have to go straight take left and walk straight again.

N: “Wow man he picked her up”

Me: “Ya good for him”

N: “She looks good, isn’t she?”

Me: “Certainly yes, she does. But I doubt whether he really is her boy friend or just a friend”

N: “Don’t you see it’s obvious. You too will end up with someone like that.”
(I wondered what’s obvious about them, yet mind jumped to the later part of the statement.)

Me: “How come everyone we come across look good here?”

N: “Hey you are in Bangalore now. That’s why I say; manage to get a job here.”
Finally at the end of the world we reached Pine Valley and we saw the board with Mcafee I & II floors. We got into the elevators and reached the office and enquired about the interview next day with the receptionist and walked back.

Me: “Amidst all these beauties, why not they have some hot receptionist?”

N: “Hey she must be paid very low when compared to others here, and only in families of such girls there will be one elder sister, younger brother and everything and hence they can’t afford for make up”

The truth dawned on me, that what makes someone look chic. The dialogue from Paruthi Veeran again ‘Kasuiruntha kaka kuda color agidum’ (Enough money can turn even crows colorful) popped up from my memory.

Me: “Oh yes that’s sad” and walked out trying to forget the melancholy of a economy that couldn’t afford for a girl’s make up, and continued my ogle hunt to cover as many filles as possible.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Change The American Corporate Doesn’t Need

My Article published in Viewspaper

The young President of the United States proves that young people are not always good for the top position as that they tend to make impulsive moves that put the future at stake. Many economists within and outside the US have the opinion that President Barrack Obama has gone crazy with his ‘change we need’ madness.

The reckless bailouts and stimulus has put US in the history’s largest federal deficit ever. Those greedy companies who created all this trouble deserve this end and saving them with billions of dollars is not worth it. ‘President Obama is working on short term results’ is a widespread opinion.

In an effort to cover up this mistake the US government is taxing US firms in inappropriate ways. They are making the worst mistake in US economic depression history by over estimating the strength of their companies and taking their survival and profitable operations for granted.

American companies that have operations in other countries don’t have to pay taxes for the profits they make in foreign markets, if they reinvest that money in those markets. According to a new tax regulation this is no more possible. The supposed result would be that American companies rather than investing abroad will make investments within the US, thus creating more jobs at home.

No more deductions either. The companies don’t have to pay taxes for expenses supporting the existence of their operations abroad. This will not be the case from the day this regulation is enacted. The brunt of this will be felt by the fortune 100 companies who derive more than half their revenue from operations abroad.

The law makers give bail outs for failing companies, but how come they become blind to the consequences of such regulations. These moves rather than bringing more money into their kitty may pull out more bailouts when more American MNCs fail.

Corporations are already in a worst economic and survival nightmare in this incessant economic recession. What does Obama’s government plan by putting them in a more worsened economic state?

History has always proved that short sighted impulsive greedy measures of affecting the economy of companies will have irrevocable ill effects. Right from the Embargo Act of 1807 that created the Depression of 1807 and the Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930 that spurred the Great Economic Depression are notable instances.

According to Embargo Act all ships from US are banned from landing in any foreign port unless otherwise authorized by the President himself. To ensure this all ships have to place a bond equal to the value of the ship and its cargo. This was later modified to an extent that exports from US are completely banned. Without exports Americans right from industrialist to farm owners and landlords suffered severe losses, causing unemployment and subsequently the Depression of 1807.

Smoot Hawley Tariff increased the duties for imports from other countries. This was implemented in an effort to increase consumption of domestic production. But this hurt US exports and hence production, as the other countries countered by increasing duties for US products.

Wish the President and his subordinates turn back the pages of history, and turn down their corporate hurting policies in the name of easing unemployment and this economic recession.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

AAAAAAAthaaaaaa Naaaaaaan Pasaitaen (Kitty is now an Engineer)

I still do remember the day the day on which I was christened as a CEGian and the day that decided that my destiny was in that campus for the next four years. The first day of Engineering counseling for 2005 +2 passouts.

I had a lot of dreams, most of them misguided by the illusions of my school teachers. I learned all those blissful dreams are just sham within months, yet college life was blissful in a different way.

I never ever imagined that I would fail in an examination. That happened in my 4th semester, when I got an arrear in Internet Programming, thought health reasons had it, yet I failed. I added 1 to my history of arrears. The worst part is my parents didn’t react terrified as expected. May be they anticipated that I would fail!!!

And ya that didn’t stop with it, I had another arrear in my 6th semester C#.Net and again I had severe fever the previous day. Nevertheless, when I attended placements, I had exactly 1 history of arrears and 1 current arrear.

Somehow I never let the arrears to drag along. I passed both those papers right the next attempt. As always I proved good in projects. I have completed my final semester with an A in our Final year project. Left alone our performance in the first review, at least I would have got an ‘S’

As soon as we came out of the Final review Pandi my team mate started shouting ‘You got an S grade”. Anyway I am perfectly satisfied with an A. just 2 months before the final review we were praying that we should pass in our final year project.

The notorious User Interface Design, I have never studied a word in that subject for the entire semester, literally not even a SINGLE WORD, God’s grace and our dear Gopal Sir, I had passed with a B in it.

And ya thus I have passed in all the subjects and now yes I AM AN ENGINEER.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plans for hols

Ya now it’s just another exam and the project viva. After that, I am gonna have the longest vacation in my life before retirement. I have already written 2 posts on recession and hence I will have to wait for months before TCS calls me in.

So now I have a long time to spend. A real big vacation. So what I am gonna do?

First: My cousin N has hols for another couple of weeks due to elections. That guy has got a Honda Unicorn. So we will be traveling to the western ghats and check out the natural beauties, may have become fair n lovely beauties by now. Anyway some sort of beauties.

That guy claims to have stopped ogling at chicks. But never mind. He will still come and know what at least for vodka in the hills. Between I got a gilma( kinda hot) chick at mangalore as chat friend. So may be we ll check her out.

Second: After N’s hols he will get busy with college so I am gonna turn back to Chennai. Will go to French class and try to learn some French and may be some good French strategies to pick up a chick with the so called knightly chivalry.

Third: Join a Gym and get a lot of good stuff to eat and see whether I could add something on my bones that the French class chick might say, “you are a MAN”

At the end of the dream something stopped me. If a five letter word could stop all those chic dreams about chicks in a second, guess what it is, yes it is the least important and so unnecessary thing for a peaceful life and ya that’s

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The little bride of Korea

I am worried that my blog is turning into a movie review site but I couldn’t resist it. I just finished watching ‘My Little Bride’. I had some lamentable things happened last night so couldn’t sleep. So I started watching this movie by 2.20AM this morning melancholically.

Actually I had this movie for almost a month in my laptop, but I somehow skipped watching it. I feel very happy about it that I had this movie now. I had already seen another Korean Movie “My Sassy Girl” that’s pretty and I have written my 3rd post on that movie.

This movie is as quaint and too touching. There are 1000s even millions of movie on love, romance etc but both these movies are very unique, at least amongst the movies I have seen. From where did these Koreans get all such beautiful things. I wish I marry a Korean girl (Hey not just because Boeun is cute lol).

Getting a 15yr old adolescent girl married to a college guy. That’s as horrible as it’s beautiful. Having a younger girl marry a older guy concept is very well answered by Sangmin’s maturity in dealing with Boeun and her love affair.

The way Sangmin makes Boeun understand of his feelings for her and the power of true love to break roadblocks like the BMW in NFS Most wanted are beautifully portrayed. The climax when Boeun opens up her heart to Sangmin right before the entire school on which she was once so scared is mind blowing.

I strongly do suggest you are not worth living without feeling this movie :P

Monday, March 30, 2009

Myself N the Director

I went home last friday. I was as usaul having fun going around the town in my Libero and again as usual a friend accompanied me. Deepak has finished his Visual Communication on my advice avoiding engg which is miles apart from him.

Deepak is so obsessed with photography, after all it's his profession. He used to take a lot of pictures of me in different poses in my mobile and ask me to take double the number pictures of him.

We had fun in the O.T. beach the upcoming harbor. The place is beautiful as I had already told you in the Kitty reaches 100kmph post. We took a lot of pictures of each other. Will sharer a few with you soon:-)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Recession Vs Charmee

I watched a movie after a very long time. Yup it has been more than a week, more than 200+ hours. I don’t know what on earth kept me so busy (lol).

Anyways today I watched the movie ‘Ladam’. We enjoyed the movie. Though the climax was a little dull it doesn’t matter. In general the movie was thrill, fun and enjoyable.

The best thing about the movie, Charmeeeeeee. Man I got obsessed. Myself and Achu started hallucinating at her exemplary well distributed beauty.

For every seen we esp. I felt like she is pinching my lil heart. For her every move we got completely moved.

At a point we got so envious about the hero that we even prayed he would better die at the hands of the villains. When Charmee kissed the hero we could hear our hearts break.

Near the end of the movie I decided I will give mom a copy of Charmee’s pic and ask her to look for a girl as beautiful as she is or at least half as beautiful as her.

Just then I realized, How long will it take for TCS to call me in? How long will I stay there before being kicked out? How long it will take for me to look for another job?
Finally what, where and how will I be after half a decade even if mom manages to find such a girl by then?

Recession destroyed all my dreams. No, no it stopped me from dreaming. I am now rolling on my bed unable to forget Charmeeeeeeeeee and regretting recession.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recession Mocks me :-)

Some of you must know I got placed in TCS. I may very well have got placed in a so called dream job but for various reasons I preferred TCS and wanted to stay with TCS.

But it was not until a couple of months before that rumors about we getting called in will take nearly an year. So I decided to look for an alternative or at least a temporary job to keep me occupied.

So I registered with Naukri. I got 100s of mail recommendations and I did apply for them. Then last Monday I got a mail calling for a E-Commerce or business consultancy kind of a company. The profile sounded interesting but there is no mention about the package.

I seldom bothered the package and hence I decided to give it a try owing to the interesting job profile. The recruitment process was scheduled to happen for 3 days. I went in the afternoon of the 2nd day, wondering whether all the vacancies been filled.

There was a written test for 1 hr 15mins. Some aptitude questions and then verbal ability and then a 3 page essay writing. I completed the entire thing in 30-35mins. Feeling pride about my CAT preparation and my blogging abilities that I wrote the essay emotionally till the last line of the 3rd page provided.

My friend who sucks in English didn't make it to the interview. They also rejected many others. I was feeling proud about myself.

After a long wait I was called in for an interview. An avg looking lady may be around 26 or so, single for sure interviewed me. The interview was over before it started anyway I still boasted about my analytical and managerial skills :P

Then came the funniest part. I was explained the job timings and the compensation package. The work is for 8hrs a day for 6 days in a week. If I choose night shift it is 5 days a week with some 50INR allowance a day. The job is a temporary one as I am still a student with a compensation around 5K.

I acquiesced, thinking that may be once I finish my degree in a month or 2 get my certificates and they make me permanent with a better package. Even 10-15K a month is better than me staying idle at home.

After an hour or so came the offer letter. Another cute lady of the same age group explained the procedures to join etc. I asked her about the pay hike once I get there permanently. She coolly said there will be no changes in the package. LOL :D

I would have laughed at her but unfortunately my chivalry stopped me from snubbing at her. I grimly walked out with my offer letter wondering whether I should feel it humorous or horrific.

After all the 14yrs of schooling and 4yrs of dying in this hell I get a job that pays only 5-6K a month. I would better stay idle with an engineering degree than mocking myself and the institute from which I am about to graduate.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kitty reaches 100Kmph

Its been a week since when I was waiting to write this post. Lobby hads bought a brand new Yamaha FZ16, the bike of the year. Its charismatic and more than that its rider friendly and the handling that gives a feel like the one with a obedient archaic wife.

The roof top of Clive Bungalow. Robert Clive the pop English General

Before the St.David Fort. Doesn't looks like a real fort, Does it? But its history

We went around the entire cuddalore and the surrounding places covering 100s of kilometers in a day. We were bored and obviously the best place in Cuddalore the Silver Beach, the world’s 3rd largest beach was our destination.

The mouth of river Kedilum

The Kedilum river’s mouth cut us from the O.T.(Old Town) beach we decided to go to the OT beach but not that day. The next day is when we decided to go to the OT beach.

Wow! The beach was so peaceful around 3P.M. in the afternoon. An ideal place for a date. It was beautiful place more than that its lonely. Unfortunately all we could do is regret the other is just a friend and not a girl friend (lol).

The beach was so long guess must be around a Km. I rode from one end of the beach to other reaching 97Kmph with lobby at the pillion screaming that he would fall of the bike at the bumps.

Now, its show time I dropped lobby at one end of the beach and started my record ride. It’s a bit risky to ride at the sea shore. It’s slippery near the waters and at a little distance the dry sand will suck the wheel in. So have to keep the bike at an optimal center and should keep the handbar steady.

Within 4-5 secs I could see the speedometer oscillating around 80. I felt the tears at the end of my eyes. The heavy air resistance made it harder for breath and was pushing me back, mind you if I say it’s a large open beach.

After some 10 secs I could see a steady oscillation between the 3 numbers 97,98,99 Kmph in my speedometer. I was dying to see a 100. That’s when I dipped in a shallow trough with water splashing for a couple of meters in all directions with huge noise and leaving me half wet.

I was slowed down by couple dozen kms. I accelerated as harder as possible to finally see 100Kmph near the end of the beach i.e. near the Kedilum’s mouth. With great fulfillment I rode back to lobby with the same phase without minding the speedometer, enjoying the ride. After which lobby tried and reached only 97kmph.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have learned...

I used to spend a lot of time in ORKUT it being my only hobby. I came across this profile which I felt is impressive at least the 'about me' part.

I read and reread it many times. I am not sure whether I feel it funny or factual. Anyways I wanted to share it with you. So here it is, just copied and pasted here directly. All I could hope is she doesn't sue me for a copyright,

"dunno knw much abt maself......
• I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.

• I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people are just assholes.

• I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.

• I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think.

• I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, unless we are celebrities.

• I've learned that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades, and there had better be a lot of money to take its place.

• I've learned that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down will be the ones who do.

• I've learned that the people you care most about in life are taken from you too soon and all the less important ones just never go away.


. . . . . Someone

Man I shouldn’t be writing about this book. Damm, Fuck , oh shit look what this book has done to my language. Anyways I couldn’t resist myself from writing about this crappy work.(lol)

I never thought I would finish a 250+ page book in less than 6 hours, not to mention of the dinner break and other small talk in between. I really loved it.

The book was more like something I would have written, though I am not a 5 pointer I am a 7 (ROFL). If I had a chance to be 5 I really would have. Getting into this college from virtually a village is no less exciting than getting into IIT.

All I could hope is ‘Finger Point’ is at least half as successful as Ryan’s ‘lube project’ to prove 7 pointers do have brains and can change the way the world does something.

Though the book has some incidents even too much for imagination it is still acceptable owing to the thrill they add.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Autograph I - The V, H and Me

It’s too early for me to write my version of Autograph completely. Anyway it’s time for me to write the 1st part at least. Hey this might read a little silly but is from some intangible depth.

Myself, H and V were good friends at school. We studied our +1 in the same classroom. Myself and V had some sort of an guiltless enigmatic bond. All three of us shared a lot about ourselves and we speak a lot, adolescent chat.

We sat in parallel benches. I still could recall all the sign languages we used to communicate in the middle of classes. Esp. in the maths classes I and H used to finish the whole unit when the faculty is only at 30% of the unit. Just to show off to V, we used to get the unit signed from the faculty though there is no necessity for it. Her reaction when we say we had completed the unit made us feel at the top of the world (hehe).

I still remember the challenge I made to her for her 2nd place in the class. Certainly I did win the bet after a good deal of hard work. I have always admired her sincerity. When I 1st heard that she is not going to continue studies after her +2 I was crestfallen.

I saw her after 4yrs yesterday. I almost cried. She is pretty happy or at least she appears to be. I am satisfied that she is fine with her married life. I still feel like in a fantasy that she has an 18months old baby boy. She is still the same little V as I saw her at school. The sight of her son reminded me of a dialogue from the tamil movie NEW “Kid of a Kid”.(lol)

She is one of the rarest friends I ever had and will ever have in my life. Lost for words before her I returned back from her home in a short while, with a heavy heart.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dogs gave Oscar to DOG

I am not an expert in movies or music but I strongly believe these are not for experts but for audience like me. I have watched a lot of movies and listened to a lot of songs. Practically I am a movie freak and I live with music and listen to songs for at least 12hrs a day.

I have watched this movie with lots of anticipation. I haven’t heard of the story as always. I feel that I ll not enjoy the movie if I hear the story before watching it myself. From the title I expected the movie would be something like ‘GURU’ story of someone who knew what hunger is and what money is and who fights his way to riches.

I didn’t say that only this sort of a story is a good one. The point simply put is our Chennai Visual communication students have made better short films than this movie. True and people in the industry would for sure agree. This movie would have made an above average TV series in an Indian channel and definitely nothing more.

I do agree Rahman is a legend. More than 30% of my playlist is occupied by his works but this one. People please do tell me do you heartily agree that the ‘Jai Ho’ song is one of Rahman’s best. This is something mocking to this music maven. I guess even Rahman himself agrees to it. He has said that he had only 2% faith that he ll get this accolade.

The worst part is Indians celebrating such a mock aimed directly at their face. This magnifies the impression the global community has on us as FOOLs.

Not only the Indian people even the global community will agree there are unmatchable movies in Indian cinema history which inspite of their poor finance have touched millions of people. This prejudice and discrimination will one day destroy Oscar.

Monday, March 9, 2009

3 Things This week

I had 3 important or impressive things that I wished I share with you. One the movie Chasing Liberty, two our FYP 2nd review and finally the book "the 3 mistakes of my life" ordered by time.

After a weary project coding and testing this Saturday , I had a very bad mental
state. Too much of thinking about my project. I believed I couldn't sleep with this. I thought of watching this movie which is the only one left unseen in my Sweetie.

I started watching the movie just to get me out of this project mania but later I was completely drawn into it. One of the best romantic movies I have seen. The love and liberty chasing teenager and a young secret service agent trapped into something between duty and emotions. Finally the true potential of LOVE.

Just like the movie I needed something last night too. This time it is a book. I never expected the Indian kind would be so charismatic. I would definitely not appreciate the style with too much 'curses' though it made sense in the conversations. I wanted to read books of this sort to add something fruitful to my passion English.

Anyways i loved the book, inspite of me not being a cricket person and I agreeing with Govind's words "what would he do, take some good shots and make more ppl waste time before TVs". The romantic part as usual took me completely off guard I was sucked in like a dust particle into a vacuum cleaner. Then comes this thrilling part of riots and killing. Though a little tragic it went well at last. But I felt like I am watching a typical tamil movie.

Finally the big thing. Our Final Year Project's second review. In the 1st review when we disclosed my idea(will post the entire project report later) the panel was more skeptic than being impressed but they still wanted to see what we could do.

In the 1st review we were completely scored off. Actually we were no where then. We didn't even had an inkling of how we are going to do it. We gave some naive idea(though a little variation of it worked now) just for the sake of it. I was not bothered about marks but I let RP ma'am down.

Now it came to this. FYP 2nd review today. We are more scared than we were on the 0th review when more than a dozen projects where thrown off. The major fear was part of the project worked at times(lol) and the other worked well, which I guess the panel never thouhgt we would do. As feared this was not one of those times the part worked but still the other one worked and the panel was impressed and even Vani ma'am who saved us a lot of times tried to hurt some part RP ma'am saved us this time. Guess we will have more to share after the next review on Apr, 7th.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

'My number is in AU site'

QQuest came to an end leaving behind a lot of nostalgia hovering around. As I have already told you I had been incharge of college events and the marketing for the same, I had my number in all the posters and most annoyingly at the home page of Anna University site .

I had been boasting about this for the past month. Of course a typical man. Had been marketing more about this than about QQuest (LoL).

I must admit I was completely pissed of because of this. I had been getting calls from across the country and at times across the globe and at annoyingly awkward times. I once got a call from German a parent asking for procedures for an NRI admission here. The most funny part is the call from Nigeria talking about openning a branch of AU at Nigeria (ROFL).

Peacefully or pensively it's all over now. I no more have my number at the AU site, and am no more marketing be it for QQuest or self proclamation.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Fervent Fever!!!

I couldn’t get rid of the legion of thoughts about the past week. One of life’s most memorable days. The days were the most challenging, a lot of learning and a lot of new people. The news about our event has come in various news papers including The Hindu’s Business page dated Mar, 1st, 2009, Sunday. Lakshmi on instructions from sir and a lil guidance from me(lol) was writing an article that evening for more news the next day or day after.

The 2nd day Feb, 27th, Friday
Last year we had to skip the schools part of QQuest owing to poor response. But this year, man I was taken away completely. There were more than half a K school children in the campus from various schools. Only then I was able to appreciate that the campaigning by the 2 B’s Bibilson and Bhavana across 50+ schools has paid off.

I was doomed to sit in the Hospi desk as I had to take care of colleges. 2nd yrs Aathilakshmi and Hymavati managed Industry people while helping out college registrations by writing ID cards. I was trying my best to sell of delegate cards (lol), marketing my best to make more people delegates. I designed the registration software for colleges.

I was accompanied by Akila, with Bibilson visiting us oft amidst his schools work. We registered a lot of colleges and had to unexpectedly close the IV registration well before the expected number. N and his friends Tejas, Karan, Ruchit and HarsHa who created a buzz in QQuest colleges came in that morning after their weary long rail journey.

In the evening Bhavana’s successor Kishore conducted Biz Quiz for colleges for a participant set that is more than double last year’s. Hats off to marketing team of QQuest.

The 3rd day Feb, 28th Saturday
I was about to get the second piece of idly between my lips when I received a call from Lavanya. “Anna, people are waiting for college registrations come soon”. I did had the 2nd piece but not the 3rd. Had to run back to my room get my Sweetie and run to the hospi desk.

There were 20+ ppl waiting to get them registered for QQuest’09. I felt bewitched. Had asked them write their details in their cards themselves expect for the QID. Somehow we managed the initial crowd. Mohan Raj the Web Design Wizard of turned up after his assessment exam to ease our burden at the hospi desk.

I had the chance of speaking a lil to our beloved alumini Chenba, Kani n Kuzalee akkas.

People left for Lucas TVS the IV. Loads of restrictions at the company Gokul somehow vaulted over all the vaults and completed the IV successfully.

After long wait A turned back after lunch and I had to hurry to the event which I proposed and my entrepreneurial aspired juniors Swetha n Sujitha took forward. The QQuest’09 Entrepreneurship Awards judged by the Founder of Landmark Hemu Ramaiah went well. All of us felt obliged for the care and passion of her for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The time filling event Quality Guru got too much attention as the other events required pre-preparation. Our Bangalore gang won the 2nd and 3rd placed with a bang. In the evening’s appraisal meet Kuzalee akka gave out QQuest bags and T-shirts to us.

The Big Day
This day the costlier corporate events were held. The day again opens with an emergency. B had probs with the laptop and the projector and the ppt brought by some team. I had to hurry to the hall. Later in the evening heard from Bhagya my quiz team successor tell me that she has conducted FLM quiz better than me.

The crucial part 4th yr Lavanya the supposedly in charge of certificates was fumbling with lack of volunteers to write certificates. Me with my genius’ handwriting could only be able to get ppl for the job rather than risking it myself. Lakshmi, Nathiya, Pooja, Hymavati from 2nd yrs had done a lot of writing though at times wasting a few certificates (lol).

The worst part is when Sir refused to sign IV certificates stating that would bring down the value of the other certificates. The participation certificates were not in a position to be signed. I had a bad time though a lil less worse than I had imagined.

The valediction was organized by Gautam one of the dedicated and passionate guys of QQuest’09 team with guidance from last years organizers Lavanya and Sangeetha.

Towards the end I had been answering / apologizing for not being able to give their certificates. Between sir announcing my name in the stage calling me for honoring my work (hehe). I don’t know what the college students were thinking at that time.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

QQuest Inaguration and the Prized Panel Discussion

Today (26th Feb,2009) is the inaguration day of QQuest'09. Everyone in the club except me was busy with the arrangements. I was working on my colleges work. Finding soemone to get the IDs print out etc etc. More than that convincing VP on the budget INR 150/- for the IDs.

More than 6 2nd yr girls sent sms about today's Panel Discussion( which accompanied the Inaguration) to almost a K contacts working for more than an hour. Hostllers marketted the event in their blocks. Everyone sent the sms to all their personal contacts. More than 70 A3 posters around the college. Inspite of all this there were not more than 1 hundred people in the hall. The worst part is by the time the dignitaries arrived there were less than 50 in the hall. As time passed by the strength grew to 100+.

The sms we sent, "Wru? Nowhere! What ll recession do to ur future! To know the answers. Q Quest 09 presents 'BEAT THE RECESSION' discussion by the panel- CEO(Lucas TVS), Vice Presidents of Citi Bank n CTS, an international economist n Sr. editor from The Hindu.Know your future @ Henry Maudslay Hall 2PM, 26th feb. ".

As usual I was getting calls. Too much enquiries I almost started hating my beloved K660i. Then comes the worst part. I started registrations near the end of the event. NS has promised to allow 20 ppl from a single college for IV. The worser is that 2 girls from that college started fighting with me that they ll pay only tht 50 INR for IV and will not pay for the overall registration claiming that they have not been informed of it.

I have managed ppl concerning K's of money and this is just 20 lol. Coming back to club B asked for the safe keeping of her laptop and bag. The bag here means the laptop case. I mistook it for her regular bag and was searching around the college for it. When enquired she gave this explanation that it is the 'laptop bag'.

After making a semi failure attempt for accomodations for people from out of station after having a few samosas for both lunch and dinner I m now back to my room writing my 3rd post in a row.

IMT Nagpur GD/PI call

A couple of weeks back when I saw this cover from IMT I was honestly excited. For my marks in CAT I have got a call from IMT. Only after openning it I realised that the call is for Nagpur and not Gaziabad. Anyways I wished I visit Bangalore and help out N in QQuest marketing.

It was Feb, 24th, tuesday. I reached the place with neat formals though not the usual interview suit with a white or kind of shirt, a tie etc. I had all those but still didn't care to. Anyway I wore my 2k woodlands cut shoe with all the necessay documents and 2 newly bought branded hankeys( from SKC the previous day where I had ice cream hope u understand why the 2nd one).

I reached the venue well before time. I was sitting with the others in the Seminar hall of BIT. The guys next to me 2yr exp and 4yr exp from leading IT firms. I never met a fresher there. I was wondering why all these well placed people go for IMT Nagpur. Then the usual certificate verifications.

After an hour or so we started our GD on the topic "The state is Above the Law". Even at the end of the GD I wondered whether I understood the topic. Everybody was speaking the same but were fighting each other for it. I just remained as another moderator (lol).

Then the interview. I was good at my +2 science but he asked questions from my secondary school physics and chemistry. I managed a few questions ignored the rest. With the usual boasting of my administrative and strategical abilities the interview was over in a few mins, around 10 mins I guess.

After speaking with another 3yr exp candidate (again from a reputed IT firm) who was waiting for her turn of PI, I left the place and after waiting for more than an hour N came to pick me up cutting his physics class.

PUB n nt a Disco HUB

My first day at Bangalore,22nd feb, Sunday. We started right in the morning on work. What work!!! QQuest’09 marketing. We visited S, R’s friend at school. We tried our best with futile efforts.

After lunch out to N’s college a cute green campus but is a lil ruined with lack of maintenance.

Here comes the one. We then went to Garuda Mall supposed to be one of the very big and popular malls in Bangalore. We were window shopping floor by floor. After all that’s all we could do in addition to wondering what makes these things so beautiful. Was just recalling Paruthi Veeran Movie's dialogue "Kazu iruntha Kaka kuda color ayidum"( If there is money even a crow ll be colorful).

We planned to visit the scary house. Even after heavy coercion N stayed back. I went alone into the scar(less)y house. Just a minimally illuminated house with 2-3 ghost masked men trying to scare me.

Then in the 3rd floor we came across a PUB. N mistook it for a Disco Hub. On his compulsion we went into it. Actually I was dubious, as he left us without any entry fee but I just believed the city guy. We went in. To our annoyance there was no one dancing but a few people with varied shaped bottles sitting in a minimally illuminated place akin the scary house.

I urged N to better leave the place before it hurts our wallets. N was reluctant of being mocked or something. So we decided to have something that is the cheapest available thing there. So we ordered for a beer bottle which is priced INR 150/-.

The server served it in 2 glasses and it tasted like hell. So I decided to order something to moderate the chafe it created with something. So we ordered chilly chicken which again is the cheapest (another 150). But it was far better than the beer. Just then we found out the MRP in the bottle is INR 75/-.

Regretting our decision we finished every last drop of both and left with INR 310/- less in my wallet. N sworn that he ll never again step into a PUB. With too much remorse on spending on nothing we went back home where we are again redirected to a marriage reception. Anyway we had great dinner at Hotel Capitol.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bangalore Express

I was waiting to go to Bangalore. Was looking for a reason. Finally got one, IMT, Nagpur interview call. Actually I have applied for IMT, Gaziabad but unfortunately due to worst score in VR in CAT got only Nagpur. Anyhow I got a reason for Bangalore.

I was busy with QQuest’09 work so couldn’t finalize on the date of departure. Hence I hadn’t booked ticket. Today R came to drop me at central. I should be really thankful she carried my heavy sweetie (my laptop) when I carried other luggage bag.

Coming to central the scenario is the worst scene I have ever seen. I didn’t feel like getting into Bangalore Express rather I felt like I was trying to get into the last train that takes civilians as refugees out of a battle alert city. Obviously I didn’t get a seat. The compartment was as crowded as 21G (the most crowded city bus in Chennai) at 9AM on a Monday.

I came across a guy who claimed to be a business consultant in some company in Bangalore. He was a typical flamboyant. We were initially standing near the door in the passway after sometime he moved to the centre of the compartment. A fat pretty girl was standing there. As usual my pervert brain worked I thought he is trying to make a conversation with her. After almost an hour I discovered it’s because in the next station people got down and he got a seat. I later found out, the worst part is the girl mothers a 2yr old baby.

After almost 5yrs of hell like journey I got seat after Kuppam. Felt like heaven when I stepped on KR purum station and felt like I saw God when I saw my cousin N, R’s brother. We came home in his new Unicorn which is an important part of all our Bangalore plans this week. Will write more on the hot beauties of cool Bangalore 

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Patriot 4 The Cause

Everytime I write a post on a movie I used to wonder is that so impressive to write an entire post for a single movie but now I feel like I shall write an entire blog on this movie “THE PATRIOT”. The greater good is always important. One who wishes to safeguard his family should first ensure the defense of his country.

Liberty is always so important and the most valued word in the history of mankind. People used to say only bondage can make one realize the importance of liberty. The movie is sooo patriotic though in the American context is no less inspiring on nationalism.

Hats off to Mel Gibson ‘the man of expressions’. In my opinion he is the best actor of our time. The dilemma he has between family and country his love for his sons the way he portrays all this in his face is awesome.

Though the scene in which Gibson saves his son from a regiment of Redcoats(Britain Army) resembles a little like our Vijikanth's stunt but is really superb action and is more realistic. The man who reports this incident to his officers could only call Gibson a Ghost.

The movie is on the American war of Independence. The power of militia the power of Patriotism the power this great feel could convert one into. This movie proves what Patriotism can make out of a ‘farmer with a pitchfork’.

The AMBUSH warfare is so interestingly pictured.

The touch of romance and love gives the movie additional flavor. Gabriel's love for Anne is beautifully described without deviating from the movie's course. The patriotism that creates ecstasy by overthrowing the feeling of sending her newly wed hubby to the battlefield is well manifested. "I ll see you soon.."

Finally my usual fav part father daughter sentiment. I was perplexed when Susan(Gibson's daughter) say 'I hate him'. But when she refuses to bid good bye to her papa, thats really touching "I ll say anything. Please don't go".

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Arrears n Akshya

“If all the girls go for above average boys who ll care for the below average”

X has a boyfriend, who is not up to her caliber. When enquired ‘why don’t you have a better boyfriend?’ I learned the reason as the above philosophy. I also heard that x’s boyfriend has only 6 arrears now. Hey if not for X he would have had more than 6 arrears. X already had boyfriends and she left them the time when they were about to settle. I guess she is being a girlfriend to someone only to make someone settle and get better. (May be they got better because she left them!!!)

The following is just an imaginative narration. If it hurts anyone I am really sorry for that please take it humorously.

Appreciating X’s service of meliorating lives of guys she is being awarded the ‘Girl with the Best Social thought’ by the president.

President’s Address:
I am so proud of X’s service. If only I had some inspiration like X when I were a teen I would have also been such a good gf to a few guys at least. I urge my fellow country girls esp. teens to follow suit with X and be a gf like X to as many guys as possible.

APJ Kalam:
If only I had a gf like X, I would have designed Agni as an ICBM with a range of 25K than just 2500km. I urge all my country guys to keep dreaming of a gf like X, convert it into action plan to pick up a gf like X and clear all their arrears and achieve laurels for the country. If each girl in the country is as service minded as X by 2020 our country will have no guy with arrears.

If only I had a gf like X, I would have become the PM of India in the 80’s and served the country much better in my younger age. I kindly make a request to my country girls to be good gfs like X and create better leaders for the country.

If only I got a gf like X, I would have very well finished my MBA in HBS and been a billionaire instead of being torn between idiots on all sides.

If only I had a romantic gf like X I would have very well destroyed the entire gulf and sucked all the oil a decade back and contributed more to Global warming.

If only McCain had a gf like X he would have won the election. I kindly request X to visit US institutions and speak to American girls on how to be a good gf.

Sadam’s Spirit
If only I had a gf like X, I would have sentenced Bush to death. I wish I had enforced a law in Iraq that all girls should have a bf.

P.S.: Akshya is the code name for X's boyfriend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Killanur, Myself and R

Killanur is my aunt’s place. Myself and R reached here last night. That was a memorable journey as I had lot of private time with her after a long time. R is my cousin and we are close friends since the time we could pronounce each other’s name. I wonder whether I myself know the real me better than her.

Killanur is a cute lil village with practically no access to anything urban like cinema theatre, hospital, school or anything like that. Fortunately we have power and mobile network. My aunt’s home is the biggest in the area but still it is a red tile roofed unlike regular urban homes with a concrete ceiling. The home encompasses a beautiful garden.

The primary reasons for our visit are, one for our cute lil cousin Sanjana, aunt’s daughter, 2 yrs old and the other reason being our thirst for water, not to drink but to swim. Our well is wide enough, clean sufficiently and has water high enough to make it look beautiful.

Myself and R had a nice super swim for an hour. Both of us have hydrophobia in the context of cold. I have a sinus complaint and for her it’s wheezing but the thought of swimming and the sight of water, the phobia gets rid of itself. Aunt and Sanju were sitting by the side of the well, watching us.

I tried a few stunts but it’s been long couldn’t have my hands on them this time. My usual expertise to reach the bed of the well failed flat. I couldn’t even cross half the depth. Too much hydraulic pressure felt like my ear drums would get punctured. I backed off with a life like struggle.

We also missed the usual fun of jumping/diving into water from altitudes as the water level is high and there is nothing near by to climb and jump unlike the once we have in our native village Manalappadi. Anyway we are not let down we had fun and will tell you more as I am staying here for another couple of days.

Friday, January 30, 2009

TAKEN the movie

I have heard my dad say that he would even sell his head to keep me good forever but its not worthy enough for that. He would say this when I was young and whenever I let him down with my then not so good academics. I don’t know how serious he was but after this movie I realize how far a father would go for his kid.

Liam Neeson is a retired secret service man. His wife divorced him hating his working style and the limited time he spends with his family and married a rich guy and their daughter lives with her mother. The girl get kidnapped by women traffickers in Paris.

The way he gets his daughter form those dangerous guys makes it an awesome action movie. A must watch action movie and really keeps you tight in your seats till the end.