Friday, January 30, 2009

TAKEN the movie

I have heard my dad say that he would even sell his head to keep me good forever but its not worthy enough for that. He would say this when I was young and whenever I let him down with my then not so good academics. I don’t know how serious he was but after this movie I realize how far a father would go for his kid.

Liam Neeson is a retired secret service man. His wife divorced him hating his working style and the limited time he spends with his family and married a rich guy and their daughter lives with her mother. The girl get kidnapped by women traffickers in Paris.

The way he gets his daughter form those dangerous guys makes it an awesome action movie. A must watch action movie and really keeps you tight in your seats till the end.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Garrulous Gopal

Dr. T.V.Gopal is our faculty for UID( user interdace design). He is a senior faculty in our department and is said to be equally knowledgeable by a few, though the common opinion is that he is more a crack pot. He has authored books including TN state board’s higher secondary books for computer science.

Today we had our 10th lecture hour by this great man. But we still have not a basic idea of what the subject is all about and haven’t taken a line of notes as whatever he was telling us is not worth noting down or they don’t need noting down as everything is some sort of a fairy tale of how computers emerged or how important user interface is.

To give an example let me give you a micro briefed version of one of his stories, “I was traveling in train to Bangalore. It was 1998 and it’s the Kargil War time. Everywhere people are speaking about the war. I was also caught in the euphoria of Indian army’s advances. As soon as I got into my room in the hotel there, I switched on the TV and was skimming through channels by pressing the ‘+’ marked button near channels, looking for some channel where I ll get some news on the war. I suddenly realized that I went past by 4 channels after the channel I really needed. So I wanted to come back. As I have jumped 3 or 4 channels I was pressing the ‘-‘ button quickly in quick succession 2 or 3 times. Suddenly the channels kept changing continuously whatever I did it didn’t stop. I was panicked and I called for help. Then a hotel official walked in and enquired what happened I narrated the entire story to him and he said ‘Don’t worry sir you are not the first person to encounter such a problem. Many doesn’t know that if we press the ‘-‘ button twice in quick succession TV goes into ch-scan mode.” The point he wanted to make after more than 15mins of narration of this story with emphasis on his, euphoria, his urgency etc etc is that usually in Indian remote controls there is no such mechanism and the user interface should have been made in a commonly perceived way.

He has emphasized on this point with more than a dozen stories like this with each story lasting for more than 15mins.

At least in the last couple of lectures he started to speak about evolution of computers and the important role that user interface played in it.

I was just trying to be optimistic and I thought as a computer engineer I must know this and tried my best to give my ear to the history of computers. Shannon’s contributions and Bool’s theory were not bad a story.

Hope he doesn’t mind if I write these stories in the exam paper. Hey believe it or not seniors are betting that they scored good marks by writing better long stories than these in the exam papers.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fave Movies II (WAR Spl)

There are many movies based on war and specific battles. The ones about world war are more and are good. Nevertheless there are numerous movies that are extremely good, touching, interesting and thrilling on various wars and battles.

We ‘ve Soldiers

The movie based on Vietnam war. Politicians have various reasons for a war but soldiers have only one that they fight if they are asked to. The movie is about a particular regime of US army which is one of the very few successful regimes in the viet war. The movie is highly realistic and it provokes even brutal minds to rethink about the concept of war. A must watch movie. An embodiment of commandership by Mel Gibson “I will be the first one to set foot on the field, and I will be the last to step off.”

Saving Private Ryan

5 sons of a mother are sent to Europe during the WWII as part of the US army to various parts. 4 of them are killed during various battles and the top officials decide at least to give that mother her only living son so they decide to get him back home. THe rescue team joins the reluctant Ryan to complete the mission he is involved in. Ryan crying at the war cemetry is really touching. Tom Hanks the rescue mission chief proved his typic maestro actor’s skills.

Pearl Harbor

Dec,7 1941 ‘a date which will live in infamy’. More than 1000 casualties by the Japanese cruel air strike on Pearl Harbor. The portrayal of America’s entry into WWII and its retaliation on Japan. National passion mixed with friendship and love. “This is going to be a suicide mission”.

Enemy at the Gates

There are many movies on US army and other allied forces in WWII this movie is in the red perspective. The portrayal of a Russian WWII hero. A mix of patriotism, romance,tragedy of war and finally victory.
‘Stand-off between two opposing snipers during the Battle of Stalingrad.’

The Guns of Navarone

An ideal commando mission kind of movie based on WWII. ‘Who’s side is turkey going to be?’ the billion dollar question will be answered by the existence of these guns. A handful of experts packed to finish these guns of to ease Turkey joining the allies. The dilemma between country and friendship, sacrifice, betrayal, personal emotions above all this patriotism.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I was having a nap when my friend H knocked my door and asked me to come with him to Saarang the notorious IITM fest, to meet his chat friend.
I wouldn’t say I m numb to teen disorders but still I didn’t expect Priyanka or Aish there, it’s obvious that his friend would be nothing better than horrible, but still, I just thought this is my last year living in this vicinity and I should at least now visit this thing and more than that I was expecting to make at least 2 QSAs(QQuest Student Ambassador).

We walked all the way to IITM speaking about the ‘Bang in the Bush’ stories of IIT M and then we caught the Saarang special bus, reached the centre of the fest. As soon as we got down I started feeling like a World War II combat flight pilot, hunting colors flying around. I was bawling at H look 11’o clock pink, look back, 6’o clock lavender, 4’o clock yellow…

After 3 calls we finally had an idea of where we are going to meet H’s friends ‘Sifani’ this is what he was telling me. We were directed to a canteen and only when we got near we found out it’s ‘Tifany’. Anyways both these names are weird, so never mind.

We were waiting in the canteen for sometime nevertheless got bored of the color hunt. I urged H to ask for what color is his friend’s dress and how many are they. Finally the 5 got there and it was only after 3sms transactions and 5mins we managed to say ‘hi’ to her. The confab lasted only for 2mins and we left the place.

I was obviously annoyed I was hitting him that he wasted 20bugs of my money and I missed a good nap. Withal I was still busy with the color hunt continuing 7’o clock 10’o clock.

We met T one of the good mannered pragmatic geniuses CEG has seen. T commented that "nothing is worthwhile here.."

We also came across my class gals who were extra horrible in their special occasion apparels. Even one of my long time crushes who used to be pretty was scrofulous, wearing a collared woolen kinda t-shirt in the afternoon sun which would suit well in a place like Manali.

While waiting for the bus to take us back to the gate I heard a mediocre color yelling at phone,
“Only desperate guys and girls come here, it’s highly boring, believe me..”

While walking back I was neither regretting the loss of 20 bugs and the nap nor was rejoicing the trip. I just had a smile when I correlated the telephone conversation and my class girls.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We are soldiers and not Toys

“Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down like toy soldiers
Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win
But the battle wages on for toy soldiers”

You should have know that I were the event coordinator for Dalal bull. I don’t know how many know that I ve been having dreams about the event since last year’s Dalal bull. I do only what I like and I do it with utmost sincerity.

The online event went well though with some problems and complaints from cynics as usual. We did our best to give the participants good experience in stock trading. Definitely at least a few of our participants would have made some home work in learning the abcs of sharemarket.

“I'm supposed to be the soldier who never blows his composure
Even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders
I ain't never supposed to show it, my crew ain't supposed to know it
Even if it means goin' toe to toe with a Benzino it don't matter
I'd never drag them in battles that I can handle unless I absolutely have to
I'm supposed to set an example”

Everyone in my team did the best they could, esp the swbulls were the best. In the short span of time they did cover all the complex requirements I have asked for. Software development is never easy and even corporate softwares like Mic’s used to have problems. We didn’t have the luxury of beta testing the software this year.

I have seen a good no of leaders and future business admins in Swathi's market analysis team and the team was very well organised with a 3 level hierarchy. Hope these guys have got their hands on share trading.

I am happy that all my team guys and gals played their part very satisfactorily and I hope I have imparted some of my experiences and also hope working in this team gave them good exposure and will help them in some part of their career.

“We still have soldiers that's on the front line
That's willing to die for us as soon as we give the orders
Never to extort us, strictly to show they support us”

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Quest for Quality

It was a cold Sunday evening. The sky was morphing to a dull grey as she gazed absent mindedly at the stars blinking back at her. Just trying her hand well on a new poetry, yup, and then her mom just interrupted this poet-on-the-make from the gaze. She slammed at her a pair of shirts that were giving away stitches and was saying something like “You better bank on quality than fashion” she left. She never retaliated nor did she listened to her mom(as she often did) but it had made her look back at a nostalgic encounter with a friend, telling her once “Hey nice shirt man! Must be damn high quality” she recalled herself grinning at that and with that her mind was getting engrossed with the word ‘QUALITY’. She got all crazy and went for it. There she made a google search on quality and soon on something like a quality club. This could sound silly… she thought! But have’nt one heard great people do get bizarre at times?

She was flipping past pages, and somehow this dry topic seemed all exhilarating that day. It was then that she noticed a good lot of corporates do patronise this quality club. She found that they maintain the industry sort of hierarchy, team spirit and planning and with some more time of dwelling in quality, she discovered, this is all nothing close to absurdity at all, as one could presume. What seemed crazy a few minutes back, appeared to have a lot of serious stuff to do with. She had acquired a liking for quality clubs and went on to surf the relevant sites. And soon something with substance caught her eyes and she took time off to mess with it.

She learnt that, ANNA UNIVERSITY has a Students Quality Club, that’s been into a great job of inculcating quality not only among students but also industries. After what seemed like half an hour, she logged out and sat back to think over. This club is conducting an event “Q-QUEST” towards the last week of February. The ultimate fest of industry academia interaction.

She was sharing all this with nostalgia about Qquest’08 with me when I called her to tell her about QQuest’09. Hope she finds it much more better and useful this year.


Friday, January 16, 2009

I don't give a..

I am listenning to this song 'Makes me wonder' from Maroon 5 for a few weeks. The song is good and as any other new good song I came across I had given it too much listenning.

It's not until recently i felt a deep attachment to the song's lyrics. In the light of recent negligence I really feel like shouting this aloud...

"I wake up with blood-shot eyes
Struggled to memorize
The way it felt between your thighs
Pleasure that made you cry
Feels so good to be bad
Not worth the aftermath, after that
After that
Try to get you back

I still don't have the reason
And you don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a f**k about you

Give me something to believe in
Cause I don't believe in you anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to try
So this is goodbye

God damn my spinning head
Decisions that made my bed
Now I must lay in it
And deal with things I left unsaid
I want to dive into you
Forget what you're going through
I get behind, make your move
Forget about the truth

I still don't have the reason
And you don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a f**k about you

Give me something to believe in
Cause I don't believe in you anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference,
It even makes a difference to try
And you told me how you're feeling
But I don't believe it's true anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to cry
(Oh no)
So this is goodbye

I've been here before
One day I'll wake up
And it won't hurt anymore
You caught me in a lie
I have no alibi
The words you say don't have a meaning

I still don't have the reason
And you don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a f**k about you
And I...and so this is goodbye

Give me something to believe in
Cause I don't believe in you anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference,
It even makes a difference to try
And you told me how you're feeling
But I don't believe it's true anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to cry
(Oh no)
So this is goodbye
So this is goodbye, yeah
(Oh no)
So this is goodbye
So this is goodbye, yeah
(Oh no)So this is goodbye
So this is goodbye, yeah
(Oh no)"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

QQuest'09 & Myself

If you had a chance to read my first few posts you would have had an idea of what I were doing during the last qquest i.e. 08. I were the quiz team lead and conducted 3 quizes and organized one corporate quiz (Q Factor).

This year I am incharge of the college events and I am the marketing head of QQuest'09 ( The office bearers either believing in me or scared of me(lol) has given me the best people in the club.

I am though very lazy am good in crushing out the juice even from a piece of wood(lol). As I have already said my team guys n gals are no lesser than any good lubricant they are smooth and suave. This makes my job easier but less thrilling without challenges.

I wouldn't say I am perfectly safe. Now comes the bigger of all problems If things don't turn up as expected I couldn't blame anyone but me. Now I must see to that these people are burned down until the last grain of calorie in them.

May be I sound unfair but I am perfectly fair. We in our college has this hierarchy of being part of the team in our second years, being a team lead in the 3rd and creating leaders in our final year. My team mates have good leadership instinct and I believe I ll mould them better than myself.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I luv Amrita

Tonight I watched the movie ‘Athidi’. As usual a typical stupid telugu movie.
Oh k k yup this post is not about the movie but about its heroine Amrita Rao.

It has become my habit to fall in love with the heroine of the latest movie I have seen. Day before yesterday Priyanka(Dostana), yesterday Anushka(Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) and today its Amirta.

Every day I think of writing a post on my love but unfortunately I get cramped up
With something or the other but today nothing is going to stop me. Here I have written about my love (at least today’s) Amrita.

She is dazzlingly beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, mind blowing, awesome. Hmmm what are looking at my English is over couldn’t find any more expressions and I guess its more than enough for her and if I find some more let me reserve them for my next love (heroine of the next movie I am gonna watch) LOL.

Hey guys relax, chill down there is nothing to feel jealous of, I deserve her, don’t I? and girls better luck next time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fave Movies

I am actually a movie freak. I used to watch atleast 2 movies a week and my record is 15 movies in a week. Whenever I watch a movie I get completely taken in and I feel the movie as close as an important character in the movie.

I take this post to write about a few of my favorite movies.

Jab We Met
A beautiful story depicting the power of optimism and determination. The Movie is all about how a crestfallen business heir and his company are back to life by the encounter of a childish chubby girl. I really admire this line and I strongly do believe,
“One who wishes for something truly, actually he will for sure get it”.

Kate & Leopold
A fictitious love story across times. Meg Rayn with her exemplary performance as usual played the role of a typical working women who seldom has time to listen to the deeper feelings of herself. The climax is about how she realizes her love and runs back to her love. The crux of the movie as I felt is a Jackman’s dialogue
“Life is not solely comprised of tasks but tastes”.

Another movie on time travel. Scientists end up with a time machine while they try building a teletransporter or something like that. Archeologist are called for help and the story is about how they managed to change the history. The power of love that has the potential to make history. “We make our own history”.

Partly animated fictitious and again time travel based movie. A beautiful girl from some animated magical world sent to our world by a witch falls in love with a guy of this time. The movie again an extravaganza on love, “True love’s Kiss”.

National Treasury
A superb movie spine-tingling and informative. “The treasure is too big for any king”.

Lord of War
A middle class youth turning into an international weapons dealer through sheer astuteness and quest for riches. How true it has become that,
“People kill each other to survive and that’s the way of survival”.

Pirates of the Caribbean ( I,II,III)
Comic and action filled extravaganza. Jhonny Depp truly extraordinary.
“You will remember this day as the day you almost… Captain Jack Sparrow’.

Story of an extra-ordinary entrepreneur. Man who grows big in business with nothing more than firm astuteness and arduousness.
“Fight with GURU Bhai as GURU himself, but GURU is one of his kind”.

Om Shanti Om
Movie on a freak who badly wants to be a cine hero. Sharuk with his usual maestro performance takes us into the movie. The movie like Jab We met accentuates on the fact,
“One would get what he wishes for from deep in his heart”. It’s a beautiful line that,
“If its not happy then its not the end”.

TO be Continued...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Airtel GPRS

I am in hostel and couldn't connect to the internet using broadband or any other wired option. Data cards are in general costly and unaffordable. Airtel GPRS 75 rupees a week unlimited 24x7. So I have been using internet through my mobile phone for the past 2years but even if i use it completely I wouldn't have been able to download a single movie not only in a week but even in a year.

Nevertheless this connectivity served a lot of purpose. I were been happy or at least sattisfied with this except when it annoys me at times to the extremes. Last week I had to mail an important content to be updated in the Kuruk'09 ( site but even after figting and retrying, reconnecting and restartng for half and hour I couldn't connect to the net. I almost broke down to tears(ROFL) and then I ran to our coll net and somhow managed it.

Then comes chatting. As I always say I aspire for IIM and have some chat friends who are either students or alumini of IIMs and they very rarely reply my 'hi's as they are too busy and this Airtel GPRS as if it had been waiting for this, would get disconnected right at the very wrong time.

I am used to all this. The immediate cause for this post after 2yrs of using GPRS is it let me down when I were chatting with wolf last night. I really want to howl that, "I am sorry please believe me I would die to keep speaking to you and I really want to keep talking". Let me hope the other wolf could somehow hear my howling.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wolf's Tag

1. If your lover betrayed you, what would be your reaction ?
Ans: Better continue ignorant until I find another. (lol)

2. If you have one dream which could come true,it would be?
Ans: Me being too very rich that in forbes listing my net worth is more than the sum of net worth of other billionaires in the top ten.

3.Which one do you prefer-ice-cream or chocolate ?
Ans: Ice cream (haaaaa…uuuuch)

4.What would you do with a billion dollars ?
Ans: Make it a 100 times over. (May be start a Ganja estate somewhere here and an opium one somewhere else)

5.Can you fall in love with your best friend ?
Ans: May be.

6.Who is more blessed-loving someone or being loved by someone ?
Ans: Being loved. Obviously that’s something rare.

7.How long would you wait for someone you love?
Ans: A life time If she also loves me truly 

8.If the person you like is secretly attached, what would you do?
Ans: Will make myself better to suit someone better than her.

9.If you could root for one social cause,what would it be?
Ans: Equal opportunities for all.

10.What takes you down fastest?
Ans: When my team volunteer whom I trusted a lot let me down.

11.What according to you is blogger in denial?
Ans: What else a bore well like me.

12.What’s your fear ?
Ans: Completing my FYP successfully and passing out this hell (CEG) with no arrears.

13.Your opinion of the persons who tagged you with this.
Ans: best buddy

14.Would you be single & rich or married & poor ?
Ans: Single n rich. Not if I get someone to love me more than my mom.

15.What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Ans: Look at the time.

16.If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, whom would you pick?
Ans: Make a fault tree analysis and cost effectiveness analysis or something like that from my TQM book to choose one.

17.Would you give all in a relationship ?
Ans: I love to be the receiving end.

18.What’s eating you now ?
Ans: FYP (Final year project).

19.Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
Ans: Both... in equal propotions

20.Tag 6 people.
You are the only one and you have already did it 

CAT Results!!!

WOw! I really wished I start this post like this. Too much expectation too much of nervousness. Oops finally it's out.
PS 34 93.17
DI 56 99.83
VR 0 18.15 (I dunno whether u r surprised but I m really very )

Overall Percentile 93.

I admit I am not good at English but not very bad either at least not as bad as getting a '0'. Oh my..

The silver linning is what if i got into an IIM with not enough english to be a Business admin. I now have an year more to meliorate on my lexicon and my syntaxes:-)

Life has lot to cheer up like I got to chat with my best blogging buddy Elithra today:-)

I make this new years resolution to learn English well. Like Tanu said now after looking at my result that I ll learn 100 (or atleast 50) new words everyday.

TR No: 8160435
DOB: 18/09/88

Just hoping that someone else will look into my result and say i have got a better result I haven't looked into mine owing to my superfast Airtel GPRS.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

He is the Best (Kitty n Daddy II)

As I have already written it definitely will be a beautiful feeling to be a father. As I have already felt there are too many movies on father n daughter like this movie ‘Abiyum Nanum’ (Myself and Abi).

The maestro actor Prakash Raj has played a beautiful character in this movie as a loving father. Hats off to his skill as an ever admirable actor. Unlike the other post, I write this post not to speak about myself as a dad but about my dad.

He oft used to cherish about the nostalgia of me getting admitted in my LKG in St.Josephs, Cuddalore. I was then 4 or so months younger than 3yrs old. Clearly I am underage for admission into LKG or that’s how Father (The School Principle not my dad) felt about me. My father almost begged him for a chance to prove my skills.

Dad oft used to say I was good enough with the world map with countries and capitals at the age of 2 and half (definitely because of my dad). The principle was pleased not just because I was speaking enthusiastically about the world map hanging on the wall but also because of me telling my father ‘daddy parrot chudu’ (dad look at the parrot). My cousin Naresh would oft tease me telling this.

I have seen dads who used to say I used only one pen for 5yrs during my school days etc etc and ask their children to adjust with what is given to them. My dad of course will tell me all this not to ask me to compromise with what I have but to make me realize that someday I should be rich enough for my son to wonder at my poor lifestyle( that’s how a a billionaire’s son would feel). Dad never compromises on the best he could get me.

When I was in my 12th std I found it difficult to manage my schedule with my bicycle. I realized a bike is unaffordable with my UG coming up. I told him I can manage with my cycle. Then suddenly after a couple of days he took me to Yamaha showroom and bought me Libero. I then swore I would make him much happier than I felt then.

I lost to my neighbor girl by 27 marks in our matric exam. I didn’t regret not until my mom told me some 6 months later that my dad was very confident that I would score more marks than her. On my +2 result and when I got my dream institute in counseling the first thing I felt happy about was that my dad is feeling proud. I still hear his words that a couple of decades back he were been to this campus as one of the police constables for election duty that he was wondering whether someday his son would be doing his graduation here.

Some people used to perceive me as ambitious or something like that. But I bet whatever my aims are my dreams are they are always second in pushing me forward when it comes to the feeling that I have to do a lot more to payback at least a little for all that he has done, my wonderful dad.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

'My dad was a suicide bomber'

Malliga got up in the morning in their temporary shelter. As usual agitated voices everywhere, in the recent weeks this had grew much higher as the situation is getting worse. She asked her mom where her father is and she was told that he is out to work.She was a little surprised that what work would it be at this time when most of the men from other families are there, but she doesn't want to bother her mom who was busy preparing food for them.

Two men where discussing on moving away. This is nothing surprising, she has alreadyheard of many such things and was also sure that someday they had to. She has never been to anywhere in a boat or ship so decided to ask her friend Tamilarasi who is a couple of years older than she is.
Her friend who is as ignorant as Malliga in this regard took her to her grandma. She was looking sad and she suddenly looked more sorrowful on the very sight of Malliga. The girls though noticed it they didn't care to ask her about it. They asked her about travelling on water, before she could answer another nearby elderly man got annoyed and with a rough tone told them that they will soon have to face it.

It's lunch time now Malliga has not seen her father since last night.She asked her mother for the second time but still no satisfactory response. No sign of dad even after dusk her mother now sounded more grimmer but still didn't give Malliga a proper reply.

Malliga was worried but couldn't force her mom anymore. Then the ever garulous radio was giving a news report. There has been a suicide bombing at the capital city and 3 men where killed and many injured. Malliga was more terrified than feeling pity for the affected, not at the news which is something very common but at her mom's tears at the news. Malliga is not so young not to understand what must have happened.

The whole night went horrific she didn't cry but she was thinking she was feeling more clear than being sad. There had been a huge battle in her mind than the war that has been happening for more than 3decades in her supposed to be motherland. By dawn she had made her decision.

Next day they were before a boat that was ready to take them to another country as refugees. Everybody got in and she could hear her mom yelling at her asking her to get in but she was still standing at the shore there are no tears in her eyes but determination. Her eyes are blood red not because she had a disturbed sleep last night but because her of her boiling blood injustice that had happened and happenning to their people. She has decided to stay back not just to avenge her father's death but to fight for the same cause, the cause of their right to their native land, like her father.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

R We being AVENGED? (Why are ppl so racist? II)

Hope if you have happened to read my blog you must have already read my post on racism. If not I kindly request you to read it now before reading this post.

The recent statement by our honorable Chief Minister Dr.M.Karunanidhi on quota system against the UP CM Mayawathi’s opinion on economy based reservation is the reason for this 2nd post on the topic.

I really don’t understand the concept behind all this. If its about bringing economically and educationally backward people forward whats wrong in classifying people on the same scale. Thats not going to be any difficult like they classify people who are under poverty line, like they classify people for IT why not classify people on similar scales to give respectively fair quotas.

Most of the SCs or any other such classified class people who are in our college are from better family backgrounds than me. Atleast half of them are rich and educated enough for atleast 2 generations. There are loads of people in my community (classified as OC ) who are in much much worser conditions than me.

Our CM’s statement is obvious that we are doomed and are being avenged for what our ancestors did. If they feel those people are the native dravidians and and they they need their pound of flesh I would want to remind them all about those people who helped, infact those who really curbed racial discrimination are high class people right from Mahatma Gandhi to his guru Gokalae from Bharathiar to Ambedkar’s teacher who created Dr.Ambedkar from a backward caste guy.

This is how you people pay us back for all that our kinda people did for the native dravidian.

I was one who had a very strong bad opinion on brain drain. I was very annoyed that I once even thought that we have to ban IITs andIIMs. But now I realise they are right to leave such an ungrateful country and I would also want to give this obvious warning that the day when all our kind of people leave this wrenched country, to leave it behind to rot in the hands of those noble politicians.