Tuesday, March 2, 2010

7 things why most girls like VtV


Yesterday when I came home and opened FB which has become one inevitable thing for me in my daily routine, I was spellbound at the number of wall posts with VTV. I got more than intrigued to watch the movie right away.

I called up my friend and traveled 20+kms to the nearest theatre screening the movie. I got the tickets after more than half an hour of standing in a very long queue. I sworn to myself to savor every frame of it.

Now I take a neutral stance about the movie.I got mixed responses from guys, but why on earth so many girls were fascinated by VTV.

When I went to bed after watching the movie at around 1PM I was more than tired, but something was running as a background job(Mainframe terminology :p)

Here I present to you the outcome of that job conjugated with a little research.

The top 7 reasons why I strongly do believe are the reasons for the profound feminine liking for VTV:

1. ARR’s music, without which the movie would have been a blown-out balloon.
2. 2+hrs of Ogling at the cute, sweet, handsome Simbu.
3. The irrefutable truth that IT salary can make even Trisha gorgeous.
4. The cool concept of just friends and the freedom and the flexibility that comes with it.
5. Putting herself in Jessey’s shoes and the very feel of a guy like Simbu chasing her like crazy.
6. Even if she chooses the best option (Financially and hence pragmatically), she can still maintain a non-bitchy image as she is so in love with her parents.
7. Even if she has a nice time with an unemployed unsettled cool guy, she can always look forward to settle in the US marrying a well paid professional.

I could see lousy things flying towards me at my smutty review. Thank you for all that :p
All I wish for is a hay-day for spotalks.