Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Euphoria of killing a Mosquito - Ajmal Kasab

Mosquitoes certainly are very annoying and ya the killing of one does cheer you a bit. However how ridiculous does this sound that you catch a mosquito put it in a box for days and kill it finally and whats more celebrate it!!!

Day in and day out there are soldiers dying in Siachen without even putting a fight. There is an entire state in the country which has a 1:7 soldier to civilian ratio and shits it's pants at every loud noise.

What does this Kasab episode indicate apart from being as ridiculous as killing an imprisoned mosquito...

1. People in India's most populated city and it's commercial capital continue to be as insecure as ever.
2. Indian legal system as international rankings indicate is as bad as ever.
3. Indian people can be made euphoric and forget the real issues by killing an imprisoned mosquito.
4. Despite a million strong army 10 men can manage to kill 168 Indians. So much for our size and strength.

I'm certainly clear that he deserves death but what's there to celebrate!!!
He is not Osama. He is not even the squad leader of sorts on that attack.
He is a mere pawn. Like those 9 other friends of his he could have as well been killed on that day.
He should have been killed right after his final interrogation or for that matter does killing him even matter anymore?

Shame on you guys to even acknowledge killing a mosquito let alone feeling euphoric about it.

"The problem is much beyond 1 man and the solution is much much beyond just hanging 1 man"