Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plans for hols

Ya now it’s just another exam and the project viva. After that, I am gonna have the longest vacation in my life before retirement. I have already written 2 posts on recession and hence I will have to wait for months before TCS calls me in.

So now I have a long time to spend. A real big vacation. So what I am gonna do?

First: My cousin N has hols for another couple of weeks due to elections. That guy has got a Honda Unicorn. So we will be traveling to the western ghats and check out the natural beauties, may have become fair n lovely beauties by now. Anyway some sort of beauties.

That guy claims to have stopped ogling at chicks. But never mind. He will still come and know what at least for vodka in the hills. Between I got a gilma( kinda hot) chick at mangalore as chat friend. So may be we ll check her out.

Second: After N’s hols he will get busy with college so I am gonna turn back to Chennai. Will go to French class and try to learn some French and may be some good French strategies to pick up a chick with the so called knightly chivalry.

Third: Join a Gym and get a lot of good stuff to eat and see whether I could add something on my bones that the French class chick might say, “you are a MAN”

At the end of the dream something stopped me. If a five letter word could stop all those chic dreams about chicks in a second, guess what it is, yes it is the least important and so unnecessary thing for a peaceful life and ya that’s

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The little bride of Korea

I am worried that my blog is turning into a movie review site but I couldn’t resist it. I just finished watching ‘My Little Bride’. I had some lamentable things happened last night so couldn’t sleep. So I started watching this movie by 2.20AM this morning melancholically.

Actually I had this movie for almost a month in my laptop, but I somehow skipped watching it. I feel very happy about it that I had this movie now. I had already seen another Korean Movie “My Sassy Girl” that’s pretty and I have written my 3rd post on that movie.

This movie is as quaint and too touching. There are 1000s even millions of movie on love, romance etc but both these movies are very unique, at least amongst the movies I have seen. From where did these Koreans get all such beautiful things. I wish I marry a Korean girl (Hey not just because Boeun is cute lol).

Getting a 15yr old adolescent girl married to a college guy. That’s as horrible as it’s beautiful. Having a younger girl marry a older guy concept is very well answered by Sangmin’s maturity in dealing with Boeun and her love affair.

The way Sangmin makes Boeun understand of his feelings for her and the power of true love to break roadblocks like the BMW in NFS Most wanted are beautifully portrayed. The climax when Boeun opens up her heart to Sangmin right before the entire school on which she was once so scared is mind blowing.

I strongly do suggest you are not worth living without feeling this movie :P