Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finding Love after 21

I have written a lot of posts already here and in about love and related teen stuff. Rarely do I write gloomy stuff as you all know Kitty is an ostentatious optimist. But I honestly want to write this, to share the darker side of my life with my handful of readers.

Finding a love has been the most massive search ever made in the history of humankind and was one search that has been made by most men on earth. In this modern era when marriages happen in late 20s people just can’t wait finding their soulmates.

I have given date advices to many and they did work in most cases. But I never felt love is something that is to be searched rather it’s something to be found. Love is something that happens naturally and you can’t just brew love.

So I waited or I was looking for that one girl. Well eventually my glands work normally and I felt oxytocin gushing in my veins when I saw her. All my senses right from my sub conscious said that she was the one for me.

What next? Dreams of happily ever after. Her name started ringing in the audio part of my cerebrum. Her image made a permanent impression on my retina etc etc. I bugged every bit of my neural network to get the list of friends I have from her school and college.

I ransacked the social networking sites to find at least a word more about her. I searched and researched all in vain. All I wanted was to know something, at least anything what she would like, what does she do anything that would interest her.

At last I found her. I felt like I had made an Vascodagamic discovery of finding the land of treasures. Just when I opened her profile one word caught my attention, that changed everything. The whole world came crashing down on me. Life turned upside down, oxytocin in the blood felt like sodium cyanide. The word is 'Committed'.

In the gloomiest time of my life there I saw a silver lining. Something dawned on me. One of my recent friends, a charming gal who is also committed told me this. “Never ever give up. Persevere till the last bit of you. Unless and until she is engaged she is definitely not not yours”. I acquiesced to this bible verse, and started a new day.

Nascent hopes were blooming from all my insides. A new day has come. Kitty is all cheerful. Another energetic day in Kitty’s life ended finding out that she is not just committed but, engaged.

What in heavens name you expect me to say? Well all I would say is “THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME”. Well now she is one of my Orkut friends. Just another misfortunate miss in the long list of ‘missies who missed me’.

Man isn’t it really annoying when every other gal you fall in love is already committed.

It’s high time that we forget all those f**king philosophies about love magic that happens all of a sudden. Start your search right now. Cool girls are hard to find. Go grab your girl today. Offers limited.

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