Saturday, July 18, 2009

One day at the Call Centre

Recession has hit me hard. I could no more enjoy the blissful environment at home with the neighbors looking upon me as ‘Did he really complete his B.E. from CEG?’ So I made a resolution that I would no more remain unemployed. So I immediately started off to Chennai with hopes of getting a job at least some job.

I decided that I am more of a mouth person than a hand one. (Hey no double meanings) So I choose call centers than software companies. I gathered a few addresses from the Internet. I planned my schedule for the week.

I also dreamed of those call center cuties, who are supposedly easy targets. Well I started off from Saidapet to Velachery in 5A. I saw the commercial boards addressed as ‘Velachery Main Rd’ and got down at a deserted stop.

I was confused and enquired about the company.

“Well I don’t know whether there is any such company in this road like that.”

“Isn’t this velachery main road?”

“Well there is another road near Gurunanak college. You better try that.”

I got another bus on his guidance and got down after 2 stops. Again there was no clue. I enquired another guy. He looked at me as some country brute, who had just got down in Chennai Though I was dressed in neat formals with my 2000INR woodland cut shoes.

He gave clear instructions on how to reach the company and guided me into another bus. I reached the company early around nine to find out there was already half a dozen people waiting. Mostly guys. I tried not to get disappointed as there were a few good looking employees with my thoughts reeling to the movie ‘Yaradi Nee Mogini’

We were guided into a hall. Within a few minutes the hall was full with two dozens of candidates. We had a grammar test with 20 questions like ‘_______ sun rises in the east’.

I double checked my answers not fearing that I would not clear the first round, but fearing that I don’t want to embarrass myself by giving a wrong answer to any of those questions.

More than half of them didn’t make it to the next essay writing round. Now there were nearly 50 people in the next batch taking the first round. The HR person in her final attempt “We are recruiting for a domestic voice process and the salary is between 5 and 6 and there is no pick up and drop facility. You may have to work in roatational shifts.”

None seemed to be turning back. I finished my essay after all what have I learned in 4yrs of B.E. to fill the pages with stories. I was called in for the interview after a long wait. I wondered whether it’s a test for patience.

A fat elderly man, “Take your seat”

I sat down, “Thank you.” In a soft tone.

Interviewer: “Which college are you from?”

Me: “CEG”

EM: “CEG??!?!?”

Me: “Yes College of Engineering Guindy”

EM: “You mean the Guindy College?”

Me: “Yes”

EM: “The one in Chennai!!!”

Me: “yes” (Confused)

EM: “B.E. CSE from CEG!!!”

Me: “Yaaasss” (Wondering what’s so wrong!!!)

You know what happened next. He rejected me stating that I am over qualified.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kitty the Cat catches fish

As my close ones know, I am completely vetti* at home. Nevertheless I am enjoying this. The last long vacation before I get retired. Mom’s food, internet, Big TV, Yamaha Libero, my room, a few DVDs all these things are making life blissful. I have recently found another way to kill time occasionally other than movie theatres.

Lobby* was telling me about this fishing thing at O.T.* harbor for a long time now. He had been to fishing a couple of times already. Though he succeeded in the primary objective of killing time, he couldn’t kill a fish, I mean catch one.

He being a vegetarian has nothing to do with fishes even if he managed to catch them. Nevertheless as mentioned the primary objective was to kill time and not fish. Well so this time I was available in town. So there, we were off to FISHING.

It was a Saturday afternoon, I finished lunch. Took a break spent sometime in the internet, and started to his home. I reached his home and we scampered around for some thing on which to roll the fishing nerve*.

Unfortunately we didn’t find any free Shuttle cork rolls. So we took Lobby’s fasttrack watch case. If you don’t know how it would look refer to the pic. We started in my libero as his FZ was ill.

We called T asking him to bring all the equipments we would need for fishing. T’s dad has a shop that sells these kinda stuff. T reached the harbor in a few mins after we did.

These are the key instruments one would need for fishing:
1. The fishing nerve.
2. The fishing hook.
3. A weight.
4. Something on which to roll the fishing nerve.

T left us on some work. We prepared the setup. We had a bad time getting the string tied tightly to the fishing hook. We fixed the bait, prawns that we had bought for 5INR at the OT fish market. We had the nerve rolled to the Titan Fasttrack watch case.

Our fist attempt failed with we loosing our first bait. Second time when I threw it, Lobby left the roll loose and he dropped the Fasttrack case on water. So we now had lost A complete setup consisting of a hook, a 45metre nerve of thickness 0.5mm, a weight and most of all the wrist watch case.

So I thought that’s the end of our fishing expedition that day. We tried to call T but in vain. After sometime he himself dropped by. He had already brough 5hooks and 2 weights so the only thing we lacked was the nerve. Fortunately he had brought a nerve with him this time even without we telling him to.

What then, we prepared a complete setup again and we instead of going for deep sea fishing by throwing it far, attempted shore sea fishing by fishing right under our legs, and we manged to get one :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Love Guru - The True Dude

The Dude Guru in Cuddalore beach.

Well this is just another TEEN post, yet an important one about an important person. You would have read (hopefully :p) about me speaking about girls, chicks, babes etc etc. Well I am just a kid when compared to this guy. My LOVE GURU Mr.D.

We had been friends since 7th std, and it’s with him I first started speaking about girls. A TRUE DUDE. He does care a lot about his style, his appearance, dress, but the worst part is he used to mess it up altogether just because he cares too much about all that.

Well as usual I am gonna share something that happened this weekend. After a month long gap I was back in Cuddalore last Friday. I visited him yesterday. Just as I entered his gates,

D: “Machi* machi look near the neighbor’s door.”

Me: What the hell? Why?

D: Machi pls da. Take your bike, just go that way and come back and look out for an angel near the neighbor’s doors.

D’s Bro: Anna anna I ll also come.

So I picked his bro up and just went for a short ride, and noticed a cute girl sitting in a chair near the neighbor’s door. I came back.

D: Did you see? Did you? How is she?

Me: Well ya good.

D: Dei she is awesome da. I almost fainted, when I first saw her.

Me: Err ok.

D: Dei she is going to be your Anni* da.

Me: Oh good. (Wondering and trying to count the serial number for this Anni)

D: Ok come on let’s go.

Me: Where!!!

D: To the road da. We will just have a look and come back.

Me: Sigh!

We walked to the road and we just stood there for a second and came back into his home.

D: Did you see? Did you see?

Me: Now what?

D: Didn’t you see? She looked up at me. She stared. Man that’s amazing isn’t it?

Me: Sighhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (Even if there was a beggar passing by that road, she would have obviously noticed.)

D: See I just took two days, and I made her look at me, and you know what. I have collected a few details about her too.

Me: Well interesting what are they?

D: Her name is …. And she is from Chennai and she is about to join college. This is her Aunt’s place and she used to come here for hols.

Me: Good. So how did you manage to collect all these details?

D: Ya well naturally I am talented you see.

Me: (Bored of sighing) So, what next?

D: She will come out to take her pantie that has been drying on their rooftop, by around 5PM.

Me: Man! it’s only 3PM now.

D: Well we will wait right here in the terrace, if we come later they may doubt that we have come only for her.

Me: (Thoroughly annoyed) Nonsense you want us to wait in the sun for another couple of hours.

D: Don’t worry machi. Look at that house there. We will soon have an aunty come there to wash clothes.

See I am already bored, and I have no intention of boring you anymore.

*Anni- The term in Tamil used to address the wife of your elder brother.

*Machi- The term youth used to address their friends which is a short form of cousin (Machan). This usage is brought in to make your friends look at your girlfriend as their sister. For more explanation you can always ask me 

Friday, July 3, 2009

I another Proud Fan of THE THALAaaaa...

It’s time that the silent fans like me surface up. Thala is now undisputedly the best, and there needs no more hiding of this fact. There is no more hesitation in calling ourselves the die hard fans of our Thala. Now I m one in the millions, who openly acquiesces to the fact "He is the THALA".

I had been planning to write this post since the time I saw Aegan. But something was stopping me. But today after watching Billa 2008 for the nth time, there can’t be any delay.

I have seen many such movies with heroes in power suits and cool casuals, but none can match the grand gracious looks of the Ultimate Star. The coolers and the suits makes us feel they are invented only to ornate the addictive looks of Ajith.

His body language, the style, his grandiose gait man we would die for all that.

It doesn't just require good performing skills or dancing abilities that would make someone a star. I don't say thalal lacks in any of this. His' are of the top shelve, yet he is much more than just that. He is not just a movie star. The Ultimate star of our hearts.

The bliss of watching Thala’s movie in a theatre is unmatchable. The bliss of shouting out his name with fellow fans for every appearance he makes in the screen is more powerful than any emotion on earth.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why do I feel happy about not getting into Mcafee?

If I got into Mcafee I would have restricted myself with in system security alone, but now I have a wide range of options in TCS.

In Mcafee my designation would have been QA Engg i.e. a tester. I am rather interested in Development.

The organization is in itself very bad. I guess it’s worse than our coll org.
For correcting 10 answer sheets with 20 objective type questions they took one whole day.
For some silly procedure they let all their employees stand in long queues when I was there waiting for the interview.
They couldn’t even mail us the results of the interview. Highly irresponsive.

Mcafee is not a market leader, and is nowhere near becoming one. It is ranked 11th in the Anti-virus ratings.

If I got into Mcafee, I would have been locked up in B’lore itself, which obviously would have bored me in less than a year. In TCS I have the chance of flying off to various places.

In TCS I would have more time to think about myself than just my job.

More than all that TCS is an Indian company, and Tata group is founded by the man I admire Jamshedji Tata.

Finally when I sent this message to my friends:

My loving bro Vallabh Prasanth said: “Dont worry da.... That asshole company doesn even knock out virus ..... But now i know why its so bad”

My sweet friend Arul : “So sad! Bad luck to Mcafee it lost a good employee!”

One important thing which I had forgotten to mention; In Mcafee as far as I observed, female to male ratio is as low as 1:30 (Approx)