Sunday, June 28, 2009

R & the Kitchen

After playing Age of Empires in LAN with N till 3AM, I got up by 9.30 this morning. R was waiting in the Kitchen cleaning up the mess caused by the overflowed flour.

R: We can have Idly Podi* for Dosa, but I don’t know where is the Oil!

Me: What nonsense! You have grown up to 22yrs old now. Can’t you prepare a Chutney?

R: Hmmm… what chutney?

Me: Coconut and nuts.

R: (After checking all the boxes for the nut) Hey it seems we don’t have it at home, get it from the shop.

Me: (After getting it back to kitchen) Ya here.

R: Can you break open the coconut?

Me: Sigh!!! (Opened it in 3 hard smashes)

R: Take the coconut out of its shell.

Me: Get me a screw driver.

R: What! Use the knife.

Me: I am allergic towards Knife u better do that.

R after a long struggle managed to get a few small pieces of coconut and grinded the coconut and the other nut* in a big jar.

Me: Hey idiot it’s a juice jar.

R: What’s wrong whatever be the jar. I don’t find the smaller jar.

Me: Sigh!!

R: (Tastes the Chutney) Oops!!

Me: What did u forget salt?

R: No… There is too much salt in it. We have to add more coconut and nuts.

Starts to struggle with knife and coconut again.

Me: I said use a screw driver.

She gets me one, and I finished the entire coconut in less than a minute.

Me: This is why I said use a screw driver.

Adds the coconuts and nuts into the jar, grinds and tastes it

R: Hmm hmm it’s still salty.

Me: Idiot don’t you even have the common sense that you should start with little salt and then add more if needed.

R: Ya what an idiot I am. Sh*t what shall I do now.

Me: Well run away somewhere far away and never ever get yourself married with someone and spoil the life of a guy.

R: Hmmm hmm let me add this chilly (adds a big green chilly into the jar)

Me: Seriously you are going to give a very bad time to your in-laws.

R: Hey don’t speak too much. Do you know to do all this.

Me: Well I will never mess up something as simple, and I am a year younger than you, and I have 7 more years for marriage before which I ll get good at cooking, and I would have earned enough to employ a cook, or at the least I will conduct a cookery test for the girl before I marry her.

R: (Tastes the chutney now after grinding the chilly) This still tastes horrible.

The chutney was now over 2 times the initial estimate due to repeated addition of coconuts and nuts to neutralize excess salt. She placed the dosa pan on the stove and poured the flour on it. It was already 11AM and I was waiting hungrily for the dosa.

R: (Messes up the dosa) Cha even I don’t get this dosa properly. Why does all this happen only to me!

Me: ?!?!?

*Idly Podi: A ready made spicy powder usually home made which is served with cooking oil for idlies and dosas the two popular south Indian dishes made of rice flour.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bangalore Beauties

If you are by any chance a regular reader of my blog, you would have come across my cries about the delay in TCS calling me in. As I have already mentioned, I have an emotional attachment with TCS, yet I am bored of sitting idle at home. So I planned to attend the interview for Mcafee in Bangalore this week.

Oh sorry I haven’t told you why I am attached with TCS. Well I will tell you now. There are two primary reasons for this:
1. I read about Jamshedji (pardon me if I spelt the name wrong) Tata in my 10th standard. So I got motivated to work in a Tata company.
2. When I joined CEG I read in news papers that TCS took in 1000+ students that year in campus and my neighbor who did her 4th yr IT in CEG had also got placed in TCS, so I started dreaming of me too getting placed in TCS when I reach my 4th yr, as I had no idea about other companies or placements.

Ok fine so this is about the past. Now coming to the present, my cousin N and I took his Unicorn and searched for “McAfee India Pvt Ltd Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Pine Valley 2nd Floor, Off Indiranagar - Koramangala Intermediate Ring road, Bangalore - 560 071” for about two hours, and finally after a thorough search someone told us that it was near the Dell Office building.

Then we started our quest for Pine valley by walk. In course of this search we came across many cute babes. I sighed whether I would get a job in that place, and someday may be have one such babe in my Thunderbird’s pillion.

We got into Embassy Business Park and we walked for some 10minutes with no clue of pine valley or Mcafee. Finally a couple (bf-gf) who walked past us, guided us, that we have to go straight take left and walk straight again.

N: “Wow man he picked her up”

Me: “Ya good for him”

N: “She looks good, isn’t she?”

Me: “Certainly yes, she does. But I doubt whether he really is her boy friend or just a friend”

N: “Don’t you see it’s obvious. You too will end up with someone like that.”
(I wondered what’s obvious about them, yet mind jumped to the later part of the statement.)

Me: “How come everyone we come across look good here?”

N: “Hey you are in Bangalore now. That’s why I say; manage to get a job here.”
Finally at the end of the world we reached Pine Valley and we saw the board with Mcafee I & II floors. We got into the elevators and reached the office and enquired about the interview next day with the receptionist and walked back.

Me: “Amidst all these beauties, why not they have some hot receptionist?”

N: “Hey she must be paid very low when compared to others here, and only in families of such girls there will be one elder sister, younger brother and everything and hence they can’t afford for make up”

The truth dawned on me, that what makes someone look chic. The dialogue from Paruthi Veeran again ‘Kasuiruntha kaka kuda color agidum’ (Enough money can turn even crows colorful) popped up from my memory.

Me: “Oh yes that’s sad” and walked out trying to forget the melancholy of a economy that couldn’t afford for a girl’s make up, and continued my ogle hunt to cover as many filles as possible.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Change The American Corporate Doesn’t Need

My Article published in Viewspaper

The young President of the United States proves that young people are not always good for the top position as that they tend to make impulsive moves that put the future at stake. Many economists within and outside the US have the opinion that President Barrack Obama has gone crazy with his ‘change we need’ madness.

The reckless bailouts and stimulus has put US in the history’s largest federal deficit ever. Those greedy companies who created all this trouble deserve this end and saving them with billions of dollars is not worth it. ‘President Obama is working on short term results’ is a widespread opinion.

In an effort to cover up this mistake the US government is taxing US firms in inappropriate ways. They are making the worst mistake in US economic depression history by over estimating the strength of their companies and taking their survival and profitable operations for granted.

American companies that have operations in other countries don’t have to pay taxes for the profits they make in foreign markets, if they reinvest that money in those markets. According to a new tax regulation this is no more possible. The supposed result would be that American companies rather than investing abroad will make investments within the US, thus creating more jobs at home.

No more deductions either. The companies don’t have to pay taxes for expenses supporting the existence of their operations abroad. This will not be the case from the day this regulation is enacted. The brunt of this will be felt by the fortune 100 companies who derive more than half their revenue from operations abroad.

The law makers give bail outs for failing companies, but how come they become blind to the consequences of such regulations. These moves rather than bringing more money into their kitty may pull out more bailouts when more American MNCs fail.

Corporations are already in a worst economic and survival nightmare in this incessant economic recession. What does Obama’s government plan by putting them in a more worsened economic state?

History has always proved that short sighted impulsive greedy measures of affecting the economy of companies will have irrevocable ill effects. Right from the Embargo Act of 1807 that created the Depression of 1807 and the Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930 that spurred the Great Economic Depression are notable instances.

According to Embargo Act all ships from US are banned from landing in any foreign port unless otherwise authorized by the President himself. To ensure this all ships have to place a bond equal to the value of the ship and its cargo. This was later modified to an extent that exports from US are completely banned. Without exports Americans right from industrialist to farm owners and landlords suffered severe losses, causing unemployment and subsequently the Depression of 1807.

Smoot Hawley Tariff increased the duties for imports from other countries. This was implemented in an effort to increase consumption of domestic production. But this hurt US exports and hence production, as the other countries countered by increasing duties for US products.

Wish the President and his subordinates turn back the pages of history, and turn down their corporate hurting policies in the name of easing unemployment and this economic recession.