Sunday, May 31, 2009

AAAAAAAthaaaaaa Naaaaaaan Pasaitaen (Kitty is now an Engineer)

I still do remember the day the day on which I was christened as a CEGian and the day that decided that my destiny was in that campus for the next four years. The first day of Engineering counseling for 2005 +2 passouts.

I had a lot of dreams, most of them misguided by the illusions of my school teachers. I learned all those blissful dreams are just sham within months, yet college life was blissful in a different way.

I never ever imagined that I would fail in an examination. That happened in my 4th semester, when I got an arrear in Internet Programming, thought health reasons had it, yet I failed. I added 1 to my history of arrears. The worst part is my parents didn’t react terrified as expected. May be they anticipated that I would fail!!!

And ya that didn’t stop with it, I had another arrear in my 6th semester C#.Net and again I had severe fever the previous day. Nevertheless, when I attended placements, I had exactly 1 history of arrears and 1 current arrear.

Somehow I never let the arrears to drag along. I passed both those papers right the next attempt. As always I proved good in projects. I have completed my final semester with an A in our Final year project. Left alone our performance in the first review, at least I would have got an ‘S’

As soon as we came out of the Final review Pandi my team mate started shouting ‘You got an S grade”. Anyway I am perfectly satisfied with an A. just 2 months before the final review we were praying that we should pass in our final year project.

The notorious User Interface Design, I have never studied a word in that subject for the entire semester, literally not even a SINGLE WORD, God’s grace and our dear Gopal Sir, I had passed with a B in it.

And ya thus I have passed in all the subjects and now yes I AM AN ENGINEER.