Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shriya- 15,567 in L(ove)ine

I watched this movie ‘The Other End of the Line’ this evening. Honestly a very beautiful movie. I bet everyone with normal hormonal functions will love that. ‘Ouch’ ya fine no problem with the movie being beautiful, but this post is not about the movie, it’s about the Super-Gorgeous Shriya the protagonist of the movie.

Right from the first scene when Shriya is shown as working in the call-centre a bell started ringing in me. ‘May be I should make a career out of these call-centers. Man gorgeous women work there, though not Shriya at least her beautiful friend..’

Then after some moments I realized, ‘That’s stupid. There are beautiful women everywhere.’

When the first time Shriya showed signs of love for a stranger over the phone, ‘Wow that sounds like a superb idea! What if I go to America and buy a citi bank credit card and may be I will get a call from a beautiful girl like Shriya.”

“BULLSHIT” an instantaneous response from the back of my head. I continued to enjoy the movie or at least the Shriya part of it.

On ascending steps Shriya’s heel broke leaving cracks in my heart. Every step she took with difficulty was like plunging the sharp edge of her heel into my cardiac muscles. I told myself, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine, she will be fine.’ Man you see I am madly in love with her.

The movie went on. When Shriya meets him on the hotel accidentally, ‘This is reasonable. Perfectly reasonable. Why not I whack on her, and may be, ask her out for dinner.”

“Alarm! Alarm!’ The very little sanity left in me blared. ‘Idiot don’t you see, don’t you see he is handsome, hot and what not etc. if at all you whack a woman she may very well file a complaint against you.’ Trying hard to pull my broken heart together, I consoled myself that I am not that bad looking either.

On the party scene with Shriya in the velvet party wear. ‘Honestly this is easy. You don’t have to be handsome to buy such a chick party wear.”

The economist part of me pricked, ‘Mannnn, what are you talking about! A party wear in DOLLARS from a store in San Francisco.’ I swallowed, ‘I guess I have somewhere around 0.2 dollars in my pocket right now’.

‘Never mind’ I told myself trying to concentrate on the movie again.

Finally when he kissed Shriya at the climax, I had 90degrees. Hey! Hey! Hold it right there, I was talking about my hair. Lost in thought I let the names scroll at the end of the movie with the pleasant lines, ‘I can’t help falling in love with you..’ were playing reflecting my thoughts about Shriya.

After some 20 minutes I was sitting in my friend’s room, with the image of Shriya never leaving my eyes. I told him, “Man she is simply biiiutiiippuull. I can’t get her image out of my retina. Man….” I sighed deeply.
He coldly said, “Well, well, well this is your love no: 15,567.”

Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 Advantages of having a GirlFriend

I am genuinely bored of people complaining about girl friends and the slogans like ‘No love no worries.’ I had a really good time when I was in my previous relationship and I have also seen girls who are much better girlfriends than mine.

So I am here listing the 10 main advantages of having a girl friend:

1. You never have to worry about killing time. You can always sit in some private place and blabber off without worrying a tad about making sense. With a bit more privacy you can even experiment a few biological aspects of the evolution of homo-sapiens

2. You never have to bother your friends to accompany you to a movie. Even if you are the only guy who would ever love a movie you can always count on your girl friend to accompany you to the theatre

3. You can sneak out girly gossips and show off to your mates. Seriously if you ever manage to crack a few secrets out of a girl about girls, you would be looked upon as a wizard among your mates who are always looking for something interesting.

4. You can always look forward help from your girl. Girl friends have more probability to help you than your mates whether or not they seriously care about you. Especially in cases like filling up assignments and record books.

5. If you manage to find a girl who is at least a tad wealthier than yourselves you can always reckon her to pay the restaurant bill. Know what, girls are freaking spenders compared to guys according to a recent survey.

6. You never have to complain about the bad road conditions or the traffic with your girl friend in the pillion. You are the worst moron if you don’t understand why.

7. You can always make your mates shut their mouths when they are boasting about something by just saying “Man she is really annoying me. How do you expect me to find a fresh deserted place every week?”

8. You can earn indirect income by giving date advises to love sick guys. As you are no longer single.

9. You can drool and mash with any number of girls without they perceiving you as flirts as you already have a girl friend. Not just that you can even make interesting conversation with other girls by asking them how to make your girl friend happy or earn their sympathy by feeling sick of your girlfriend’s aggravating interest in the relationship. (Man a girl’s sympathy can be useful in a myriad of ways :p)

10. Most importantly, you can learn a good deal about girls and hence use it to get a better girl friend.

Start now. Don’t give up. Never get fed up getting your proposal rejected by a costly girl. Never reject an offer. Something is better than nothing. Don’t keep complaining about your girl friend(s). Try to make the best use of the relationship. Happy loving!
Good luck in your teen ventures!!!