Saturday, November 29, 2008

NISHA n The wet CAT

If you are in Chennia you must have had a clear picture of the ramfications and blemish Nisha created here. Many parts of the city are under flood. The best (worst for many) part is exams are postponed (thank God  ppl in my team ll stay here). Virtually the city is mostly passivated. Mass media started complaining on the corporation for their apathy. 

Ok then, where is this CAT? What happened to it? Why is it wet?
Read more to find out the answers..

Certainly kitty is the cat.  This cat now practically lives in the middle of a semi-flood in it's 2nd floor room. Don't panic the water is still at the ground level. Then how is there a flood at the 2nd floor?

Hmm.. I am living here in my college hostel. I guess the building I m in is as old as my college(CEG) The window frame is withered a little and when it rains heavily it leaks and puts my room in flood. This ruins my place which is in general a massive mess already.

I don't know what measures to take. The room has become so cold as a mortuary with me sleeping here as a corpse, unaware of the pathetic environment :-( I couldn't sweep of the water because it keeps flooding again and again. All I could do is to spread surf excel powder to control fungi(lol) or at least the horrible smell. 

Thank heavens the rains seems to have seized and I ll have to clean up my room tomorrow. I don't know whether I m regreting or realising mom's words that I ll learn life in hostel.

P.S.: I thought of adding my room's photo here, but may be if you are weak hearted you may start sobbing at the piteous condition of a final yr student in the country's 8th best tech

Savaged in Savagegarden

I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy
I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need.
I love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply, do..

Hmmm..soooo pleasing to hear. I truly madly deeply love this album. I have this collection of songs "I want u","to the moon n back","Break me shake me","Tears of pearls" for a long time but I never cared to listen to them once.

Then one day was so bored of the other songs and felt like there must be something to compete with the then monopoly Enrique. So I thought of giving this a chance, 'oh my..' since then I m completely 'adddicted' I finally got something to replace 'Enrique' addiction.

It may be not be the case that u really want to say,
"I ll fly to the moon n back
If u ll be, ll be my baby'
but it feels great to recite these lines,isn't it?

Then comes this 'Tears of pearls' I simply couldn't control the temptation to dance (lol). Beautifully composed and perfectly enjoyable.

At first when I found most of Savagegarden's lyrics are copyrighted I was ridiculling what's so spl? but now I feel they are outcomes of some serious effort. The magic they have on me is very quaint.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kitty n Daddy

Why do these people have to take too much too sentimental movies on dad and daughter? I live practically in dreams. In fact that keeps me sufficiently away from my real world worries. 

I have already dreamt too much on what I may be doing in my 20s. Hence, I ventured to look beyond that. I started dreaming of what if I had a cute daughter like 'Peyton' of 'Game Plan'. Hmm.. How would it feel like being a father? What expectations I ll have on my daughter? What privileges I give her? Should she be western, traditional or a bit of both? etc etc..

“This daughter of mine ll prove better than a 1000 sons” –Jawaharlal Nehru on the eve of his daughter’s (Indhira Gandhi’s) birth said this when people kept complaining on not having a son.

Do you know something, I have even named her. Wanna know her name? hmm.. it certainly is my blogger ID. Yes it's Kitty, Kitty Keth. Sounds good isn't it? Once she takes over my business empire and once she becomes a respectable woman in the society she ll be called Ms.KK. LOL

I always told my mom n friends that life is either to achieve or to enjoy and it’s rarely both. I also told them that I don’t want to make someone else’s future mine and hence I ll never have children. But recently I developed this dad sentiment. I must curse my over demanding dream thirst. I should have found some better topic to dream about.

(A scene from the movie Kidnap)
P.S.: Nevertheless dreaming of being a father feels fantastic…lol.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogging Inspiration

Hmm... I had long been interested in writing a blog. But I was too lazy and none around me had a blog. This created an opinion in me that only 'vetti' (idle) people write blogs. Nevertheless my desire to post a blog kept throbbing me.

Then one day I come across a profile in orkut. I being a business aspirant, I always work on what people like n what not? Profile reading is my favorite hobby (lol). The profile was not soo striking and it was very much like ‘just another profile’. I guess I was so vetti then, so I clicked the blog link.

I was just then introduced to reading. Dan & Jeffrey never let me down. I had nothing to read then so I started reading this blog. The blog was(and is) good of course. Though a few posts like “Soap Story”, “Study holiday yawn” etc were in general mokkais(boring) though, there were people even to read them and comment them even. 

This inspired me to start my blog at once. In fact I always wanted to write something so that others can read it only hence I was once writing testimonials practically to anyone and everyone in my friend list. Now I have this blog. I don’t really know how many people really care to know what happened to me in SQC or Kuruk or in college or whatever but I still write hoping someday I will also have some people to follow my blog. 

I don’t know how good and interesting my language is when compared to this inspirational blog but I still love what I write. After all it’s just a matter of practice. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kitty n the CAT

People who know me must also be knowing that I keep blabbering about MBA, business, money etc etc.. Hmmm.. and lot of successful people keep telling dream, dream n dream n dream. That definitely is not something difficult for a lazy guy like me and I keep dreaming all day. 

Till the beginning of this year I was at least a little serious about CAT (Common Admission Test) for IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) if you are so out of the world and if you never heard of these, may be this would Even the first month of this sem I was a bit serious. 

Bloody laziness, things started getting so weary and I compromised myself saying ‘ha I would do MBA after 2 yrs of work experience’. I completely gave up the preparation and I didn’t even cared to get my study materials from IMS the institute I joined for CAT preparation paying Rs.18,500/-. 

Finally this day Nov 16th ,2008 comes and I get up early in the morning (6.30) and take a bone chilling shower by 7.00 AM and get ready to go to my exam centre Vels College in Pallavaram. Thank heavens this guy Hariharasudan a sincere CAT aspirant and my friend already paid a visit to the centre last week so I never had a problem reaching the centre with him.

Suddenly there seemed to be some problem with his watch and I as a good friend.. lol told him that he needs a watch more importantly than me and I donated mine to him. I was having a very cool exam very much like I took IIT-JEE.(that’s another funny story worth a post ll tell you later).

Mom once had this IIT mania and now ‘T’ is replaced by ‘M’. Though she is just a 10th std she never compromises on anything second…lol. Though I don’t want to let her down for the second time I thought that I still have a lot of time for an MBA in IIM.

Coming to the exam I spent 2hrs in quantitative aptitude (PS) and Data Interpretation and the remaining 30mins in verbal reasoning and RC (lol). I am good at DI and not bad at PS but when it comes to English hmm.. the options in which I put too much thinking are sure to be wrong answers. Miserably the pattern was 25 PS, 25 DI and 4ttttyyyy VR/RC. 

I tried and marked 14 questions in VR and then my instinct said I would be much more lucky than I m knowledgeable in this part. So I randomly marked the rest of the questions. And when I checked my score after the exam it turned out that I scored only 4 in the 14 questions I attempted (4 for correct answer n -1 for wrong one so 4/56) and in another 10 random marked questions I got 10/40 and I m not sure about the rest 16 random answers and this gives me a lot of hope as I have cleared the cut-offs in PS and DI I m praying that half ya ya half of those 16 to be right for my IIM dreams to come true. 

P.S.: Pls pray for me….LLLOOLLLL 

Friday, November 21, 2008


Once I was wondering ‘what am I doing in college?’ I kept regretting 'Am I not fit for anything else other than sleeping (both classroom n my room)'. Then in the 3rd yr I got something that struck me. The Students Quality Club (SQC).But unfortunately when I went there on july'07 I was turned down saying they have closed volunteer intakes. I was almost crestfallen.

Then after repeated trying I got into the club after two months, my first days of fruitful college life. I joined NSS unit VIIIand I was directly made the treasury. May be people believe I m trust worthy (hey hold it right there.. I m really trust worthy). Had an entire week of fantastic camp coordinating work esp. my documentation team which documented the entire camp events and I bet that is the best ever made NSS camp report.

Then comes KURUKSHETRA'08 I got in my favorite event Dalal Bull as an Event Manager after immense efforts and numerous turning downs. You know something, I was the only one to control the entire market, lol. My stock market interest put me there. Then comes QQuest'09. Hope I have already told enough of quiz team. I always wondered why be second always?

I dreamt of being an Event Coordinator (One who is in charge of the entire proceedings of an Event). I had a lot of plans to make the event great If suppose I were made the Event Co-od. But it turned out to be that I was the only one left out among my peers to be not recommended by my senior. Hope you could figure out how letting down it would have been.

But then like this favorite dialogue of mine from Jab_we_Met "One who desires for something truly from his heart, would get it for sure" I got it. I just tried sending a mail with my ideas for the events team and anyone who read the mail wouldn't have had second thoughts. Even then there was little hope. I just consoled myself saying that I have better work to do. Then this day comes. I just got a call from the events team saying that I can start working on the event. I don't have to tell you how it felt. Now, I am working on the event. For now there are 6 3rd yr CSE students working in the software team of Dalal Bull and 40+ students both second and 3rd yrs are working in the Market Analysis team, headedby my good friend Swathi of 4th yr ECE.

Continuing with SQC, this year office bearers have formed committees for various dimensions of the club like HR, logistics, marketing etc. I had worked so hard in the quiz team and loved that work and it happened that I started developing passion for TQM. So I wished to be in the quality committee but the people in charge felt I would better be heading the marketing committee. As I have already said I was bored of being the second, so I choose to be the committee head.

Then on the day of responsibility handover I was shocked to know that I am just an executive and another guy heads the committee possibly because he is been in the club for an year more than me. I wouldn't have asked for a top position but they told me I m the best fit for the purpose and then they let me down.

Now comes QQuest'09. I was called to the club after long. I am asked to head the marketing team for QQuest'09. I don't really know whether I have any more annoying surprises. Anyways I hope for the best. I am going to be assigned my team tomorrow. I have to address them and form an action plan to bring in more people, precisely to take out QQuest to more and more people.

The online Event of Dalal Bull is scheduled to start this Dec 20th, onsite event Jan 21st and QQuest is scheduled feb'09. I am perfectly sandwiched between these responsibilities. Anyway I am enjoying this pressure and pain may be I am getting masochistic, lol.

Let us see how worthy I am. Fingers crossed.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


As I have already told you in my previous post about QQuest'08 that I am so engaged with the quiz team that I rarely had a chance to look into what else is happenning. Here I am writing about what else happenned related to QQuest'08 in my knowledge.

Chenba akka was the design team head is one of the bright colors of the notorious IT rainbow(2004-08 batch). She is truly a great kind of person to be with. She is optimally humorous, enormously helping and cutely childish(at times), totally a trancing personality. One of the very few memorable seniors I had. Ha..I missed something.. her patience. I tortured her too much asking for her c# She politely beared it, always with a smile.

The design team is responsible for the qquest site and is involved in other generic designning activities. They esp. akka designed the tags for volunteers. She misspelt my name as 'shankeit'. That was my first tag as a team leader. I am keeping it safe with me. Every time I see it I am remembered of chenba akka with a smile. No probs ka.. just nostalgia.

One of the days during Qquest I guess the 2nd day.. We (myself Bhavana and 2 others I don remember) were preparing seriously for quiz in the front office system. A participant from TVS I guess, came into the office and looked at the 5S board. And looking at the pathetic condition of the office, asked us, "Is this what you call 5S?" I don't know why the 1st 2Ss are colored pale. Then he himself commented "Are only the pale Ss implemented?" We couldn't do anything other than having an embarrassed smile.

The QQuest quiz conducted by proffessional quiz master for managers is called Q Factor. I had to organise the event and then as the event started I am one of the audience. The work I put in for the quiz team helped. I was able to answer more than half of the questions posted. Felt pride in And do you know something, I am the dept topper in TQM this semester, with 48 on 50. Thanks to the quiz team.

Finally I asked for Jegan anna's tag (the president tag) as a souvenir. He rejected saying he is keeping all his qquest tags safe with him. hmm.. I don't know whether he forgot or he didn't care but the tag is still in one of the shelves inside the club.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's Love?

Looks like no one is reading my blog. So I m taking this for granted to put my private life here. Hmmm.. I am writing this post on the eve of a biggest distress in the last few months, may be yrs. I wanted to tell all this to someone but none is ready to hear me. I am writing it here in the hope of someday someone ll read this.

Love the most mysterious of things about human psychology. But it's true that it's nothing more than some kind of an addiction like drugs, narcotics. You get into something keep using something start enjoying the metabolism i.e. the chemistry that thing creates in you and you start feeling like you can't just live without it. Love is nothing more than this, nothing more sacred or worse.

It's been hypothetically proved with experiments on animals and few indirect experiments on humans that certain hormones might be the reason for love. After all everything is chemistry right. What makes you sweat when you are frightened adrenaline? What turns a kid into a man testosterone? Simply everything that are not directly controlled by ones conscious is controlled by this chemistry, certainly if one could master his brain he can for sure control all this but I am speaking about common man.

Love is said to be a chemical reaction caused by a hormone called oxytocin. The feeling of intense closeness after orgasm is attributed to this hormone. The oxytocin levels in blood before and after orgasm are measured and there seems to be some increase in this hormone content in blood. Similarly experiments have also been conducted in certain other situations and many results proved positive on oxytocin being the culprit.

Like drug de-addiction love is definitely curable provided you give it sometime. I could definitely understand that it hurts but be clear in something that love is not something divine. All emotions are created by God. Even opium is a God's creation and our body's reaction to it is certainly a mechanism created by him but that doesn't mean it is divine.  

Like social/occasional drinking you can enjoy love sometimes in fact it's essential, after all we as humans have to feel and embrace all sorts of emotions like love sometime in our life, but see to that that you don't fall prey to it. Love is just a part of life and life has a lot of things. May be love is one of the colors in a rainbow but that doesn't constitute the entire spectrum. Don't get fooled by some stupid movies. What ever be it give it sometime you still have got a lot of time to live on this planet. You don't have to ruin it for this silly simple thing.

Then why am I depressed? There for sure is a valid reason. If she has turned me down no problem. I ll wait. I would have tried harder to prove my love for her. I would have made her understand that I am the best guy for her. But she loved someone whom I introduced her. Anyway I pray for his handsomeness. 'Let him remain as smart and handsome as he is now forever so that she stays with him forever'.

Finally a piece of advice, “you do your duty fortune, fame and figures will come to you based on your diligence in your duties”. Good Luck!!!