Thursday, February 26, 2009

QQuest Inaguration and the Prized Panel Discussion

Today (26th Feb,2009) is the inaguration day of QQuest'09. Everyone in the club except me was busy with the arrangements. I was working on my colleges work. Finding soemone to get the IDs print out etc etc. More than that convincing VP on the budget INR 150/- for the IDs.

More than 6 2nd yr girls sent sms about today's Panel Discussion( which accompanied the Inaguration) to almost a K contacts working for more than an hour. Hostllers marketted the event in their blocks. Everyone sent the sms to all their personal contacts. More than 70 A3 posters around the college. Inspite of all this there were not more than 1 hundred people in the hall. The worst part is by the time the dignitaries arrived there were less than 50 in the hall. As time passed by the strength grew to 100+.

The sms we sent, "Wru? Nowhere! What ll recession do to ur future! To know the answers. Q Quest 09 presents 'BEAT THE RECESSION' discussion by the panel- CEO(Lucas TVS), Vice Presidents of Citi Bank n CTS, an international economist n Sr. editor from The Hindu.Know your future @ Henry Maudslay Hall 2PM, 26th feb. ".

As usual I was getting calls. Too much enquiries I almost started hating my beloved K660i. Then comes the worst part. I started registrations near the end of the event. NS has promised to allow 20 ppl from a single college for IV. The worser is that 2 girls from that college started fighting with me that they ll pay only tht 50 INR for IV and will not pay for the overall registration claiming that they have not been informed of it.

I have managed ppl concerning K's of money and this is just 20 lol. Coming back to club B asked for the safe keeping of her laptop and bag. The bag here means the laptop case. I mistook it for her regular bag and was searching around the college for it. When enquired she gave this explanation that it is the 'laptop bag'.

After making a semi failure attempt for accomodations for people from out of station after having a few samosas for both lunch and dinner I m now back to my room writing my 3rd post in a row.

IMT Nagpur GD/PI call

A couple of weeks back when I saw this cover from IMT I was honestly excited. For my marks in CAT I have got a call from IMT. Only after openning it I realised that the call is for Nagpur and not Gaziabad. Anyways I wished I visit Bangalore and help out N in QQuest marketing.

It was Feb, 24th, tuesday. I reached the place with neat formals though not the usual interview suit with a white or kind of shirt, a tie etc. I had all those but still didn't care to. Anyway I wore my 2k woodlands cut shoe with all the necessay documents and 2 newly bought branded hankeys( from SKC the previous day where I had ice cream hope u understand why the 2nd one).

I reached the venue well before time. I was sitting with the others in the Seminar hall of BIT. The guys next to me 2yr exp and 4yr exp from leading IT firms. I never met a fresher there. I was wondering why all these well placed people go for IMT Nagpur. Then the usual certificate verifications.

After an hour or so we started our GD on the topic "The state is Above the Law". Even at the end of the GD I wondered whether I understood the topic. Everybody was speaking the same but were fighting each other for it. I just remained as another moderator (lol).

Then the interview. I was good at my +2 science but he asked questions from my secondary school physics and chemistry. I managed a few questions ignored the rest. With the usual boasting of my administrative and strategical abilities the interview was over in a few mins, around 10 mins I guess.

After speaking with another 3yr exp candidate (again from a reputed IT firm) who was waiting for her turn of PI, I left the place and after waiting for more than an hour N came to pick me up cutting his physics class.

PUB n nt a Disco HUB

My first day at Bangalore,22nd feb, Sunday. We started right in the morning on work. What work!!! QQuest’09 marketing. We visited S, R’s friend at school. We tried our best with futile efforts.

After lunch out to N’s college a cute green campus but is a lil ruined with lack of maintenance.

Here comes the one. We then went to Garuda Mall supposed to be one of the very big and popular malls in Bangalore. We were window shopping floor by floor. After all that’s all we could do in addition to wondering what makes these things so beautiful. Was just recalling Paruthi Veeran Movie's dialogue "Kazu iruntha Kaka kuda color ayidum"( If there is money even a crow ll be colorful).

We planned to visit the scary house. Even after heavy coercion N stayed back. I went alone into the scar(less)y house. Just a minimally illuminated house with 2-3 ghost masked men trying to scare me.

Then in the 3rd floor we came across a PUB. N mistook it for a Disco Hub. On his compulsion we went into it. Actually I was dubious, as he left us without any entry fee but I just believed the city guy. We went in. To our annoyance there was no one dancing but a few people with varied shaped bottles sitting in a minimally illuminated place akin the scary house.

I urged N to better leave the place before it hurts our wallets. N was reluctant of being mocked or something. So we decided to have something that is the cheapest available thing there. So we ordered for a beer bottle which is priced INR 150/-.

The server served it in 2 glasses and it tasted like hell. So I decided to order something to moderate the chafe it created with something. So we ordered chilly chicken which again is the cheapest (another 150). But it was far better than the beer. Just then we found out the MRP in the bottle is INR 75/-.

Regretting our decision we finished every last drop of both and left with INR 310/- less in my wallet. N sworn that he ll never again step into a PUB. With too much remorse on spending on nothing we went back home where we are again redirected to a marriage reception. Anyway we had great dinner at Hotel Capitol.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bangalore Express

I was waiting to go to Bangalore. Was looking for a reason. Finally got one, IMT, Nagpur interview call. Actually I have applied for IMT, Gaziabad but unfortunately due to worst score in VR in CAT got only Nagpur. Anyhow I got a reason for Bangalore.

I was busy with QQuest’09 work so couldn’t finalize on the date of departure. Hence I hadn’t booked ticket. Today R came to drop me at central. I should be really thankful she carried my heavy sweetie (my laptop) when I carried other luggage bag.

Coming to central the scenario is the worst scene I have ever seen. I didn’t feel like getting into Bangalore Express rather I felt like I was trying to get into the last train that takes civilians as refugees out of a battle alert city. Obviously I didn’t get a seat. The compartment was as crowded as 21G (the most crowded city bus in Chennai) at 9AM on a Monday.

I came across a guy who claimed to be a business consultant in some company in Bangalore. He was a typical flamboyant. We were initially standing near the door in the passway after sometime he moved to the centre of the compartment. A fat pretty girl was standing there. As usual my pervert brain worked I thought he is trying to make a conversation with her. After almost an hour I discovered it’s because in the next station people got down and he got a seat. I later found out, the worst part is the girl mothers a 2yr old baby.

After almost 5yrs of hell like journey I got seat after Kuppam. Felt like heaven when I stepped on KR purum station and felt like I saw God when I saw my cousin N, R’s brother. We came home in his new Unicorn which is an important part of all our Bangalore plans this week. Will write more on the hot beauties of cool Bangalore 

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Patriot 4 The Cause

Everytime I write a post on a movie I used to wonder is that so impressive to write an entire post for a single movie but now I feel like I shall write an entire blog on this movie “THE PATRIOT”. The greater good is always important. One who wishes to safeguard his family should first ensure the defense of his country.

Liberty is always so important and the most valued word in the history of mankind. People used to say only bondage can make one realize the importance of liberty. The movie is sooo patriotic though in the American context is no less inspiring on nationalism.

Hats off to Mel Gibson ‘the man of expressions’. In my opinion he is the best actor of our time. The dilemma he has between family and country his love for his sons the way he portrays all this in his face is awesome.

Though the scene in which Gibson saves his son from a regiment of Redcoats(Britain Army) resembles a little like our Vijikanth's stunt but is really superb action and is more realistic. The man who reports this incident to his officers could only call Gibson a Ghost.

The movie is on the American war of Independence. The power of militia the power of Patriotism the power this great feel could convert one into. This movie proves what Patriotism can make out of a ‘farmer with a pitchfork’.

The AMBUSH warfare is so interestingly pictured.

The touch of romance and love gives the movie additional flavor. Gabriel's love for Anne is beautifully described without deviating from the movie's course. The patriotism that creates ecstasy by overthrowing the feeling of sending her newly wed hubby to the battlefield is well manifested. "I ll see you soon.."

Finally my usual fav part father daughter sentiment. I was perplexed when Susan(Gibson's daughter) say 'I hate him'. But when she refuses to bid good bye to her papa, thats really touching "I ll say anything. Please don't go".

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Arrears n Akshya

“If all the girls go for above average boys who ll care for the below average”

X has a boyfriend, who is not up to her caliber. When enquired ‘why don’t you have a better boyfriend?’ I learned the reason as the above philosophy. I also heard that x’s boyfriend has only 6 arrears now. Hey if not for X he would have had more than 6 arrears. X already had boyfriends and she left them the time when they were about to settle. I guess she is being a girlfriend to someone only to make someone settle and get better. (May be they got better because she left them!!!)

The following is just an imaginative narration. If it hurts anyone I am really sorry for that please take it humorously.

Appreciating X’s service of meliorating lives of guys she is being awarded the ‘Girl with the Best Social thought’ by the president.

President’s Address:
I am so proud of X’s service. If only I had some inspiration like X when I were a teen I would have also been such a good gf to a few guys at least. I urge my fellow country girls esp. teens to follow suit with X and be a gf like X to as many guys as possible.

APJ Kalam:
If only I had a gf like X, I would have designed Agni as an ICBM with a range of 25K than just 2500km. I urge all my country guys to keep dreaming of a gf like X, convert it into action plan to pick up a gf like X and clear all their arrears and achieve laurels for the country. If each girl in the country is as service minded as X by 2020 our country will have no guy with arrears.

If only I had a gf like X, I would have become the PM of India in the 80’s and served the country much better in my younger age. I kindly make a request to my country girls to be good gfs like X and create better leaders for the country.

If only I got a gf like X, I would have very well finished my MBA in HBS and been a billionaire instead of being torn between idiots on all sides.

If only I had a romantic gf like X I would have very well destroyed the entire gulf and sucked all the oil a decade back and contributed more to Global warming.

If only McCain had a gf like X he would have won the election. I kindly request X to visit US institutions and speak to American girls on how to be a good gf.

Sadam’s Spirit
If only I had a gf like X, I would have sentenced Bush to death. I wish I had enforced a law in Iraq that all girls should have a bf.

P.S.: Akshya is the code name for X's boyfriend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Killanur, Myself and R

Killanur is my aunt’s place. Myself and R reached here last night. That was a memorable journey as I had lot of private time with her after a long time. R is my cousin and we are close friends since the time we could pronounce each other’s name. I wonder whether I myself know the real me better than her.

Killanur is a cute lil village with practically no access to anything urban like cinema theatre, hospital, school or anything like that. Fortunately we have power and mobile network. My aunt’s home is the biggest in the area but still it is a red tile roofed unlike regular urban homes with a concrete ceiling. The home encompasses a beautiful garden.

The primary reasons for our visit are, one for our cute lil cousin Sanjana, aunt’s daughter, 2 yrs old and the other reason being our thirst for water, not to drink but to swim. Our well is wide enough, clean sufficiently and has water high enough to make it look beautiful.

Myself and R had a nice super swim for an hour. Both of us have hydrophobia in the context of cold. I have a sinus complaint and for her it’s wheezing but the thought of swimming and the sight of water, the phobia gets rid of itself. Aunt and Sanju were sitting by the side of the well, watching us.

I tried a few stunts but it’s been long couldn’t have my hands on them this time. My usual expertise to reach the bed of the well failed flat. I couldn’t even cross half the depth. Too much hydraulic pressure felt like my ear drums would get punctured. I backed off with a life like struggle.

We also missed the usual fun of jumping/diving into water from altitudes as the water level is high and there is nothing near by to climb and jump unlike the once we have in our native village Manalappadi. Anyway we are not let down we had fun and will tell you more as I am staying here for another couple of days.