Sunday, November 21, 2010

Will Kitty reach home alive?

It was early morning 2.50AM. I had just reached E’s place in a fast track tavera. I was literally faltering with my every step like I just had half a dozen larges of 40% Vodka ;) Got the keys from E and kicked my Suzuki Heat to start after a few attempts.

I hit the OMR in a couple of mins. Just when I was done with my initial prayers to get me safe to my place, God blessed me from heaven with a heavy down pour. In seconds I was drenched till my underwear. The highway lights were out. With my already half obscured vision through my spectacles and the broken glass of my helmet I could see nothing through the dark rain.

I was completely devoid of all senses except for the feel of my bike’s handle bar and the seat under my dry ass (the only part the rains spared). I was wondering whether I ll reach home alive. It was just a leap(ride) of faith. After all it is my very own OMR, the IT highway. I was just trusting my instincts then relying on my senses.

Mind started reeling over the consequences of my death, and who ll be hurt the most.
Obviously the first two options were my mom and her. In a fuzzy background I was also reminded of my caring TL K who asked me to give a call once I reach home and my cousin N and my sis A. And my thoughts went back to the two most loving women in my life.

My first response was ‘How could you even compare mom with her, after all it’s just been months.’ The counter response, ‘Why should time come in the place of measuring love?’ After a few arguments and counter arguments I resolved the debate that both their hearts are filled to the brim with their love for me and they ll feel a saturated amount of sadness on my loss. And hence I should start using every last bit of my senses to keep myself alive.

Just then I felt something heavy near my heart. Well yes it was my Sony Ericsson. I stopped the vehicle to put it in my bag safe. Immediately after I started the ride again I was wondering what will happen if I skid and fall? Will anyone come to my aid? Will the highway patrol find me? Will I be in a position to dig out my mobile out of my bag to call for help? My W595 has a knack for getting hanged at the most crucial moments. Will it be of any help after getting wet of rain?

Then I saw it. My s(odium)ilver lining. The highway lamps were glowing at a distance. Thankfully the lamps were on after Shollinganalur signal. My first ray of hope from a sodium vapor. Don't know whether it's the speedometer needle oscillating over 80kmph or the rain that gave me the jitters. Controlling my sub conscious urge to drive the throttle further, I was holding my clattering jaws together and trying to have a grip on the slippery road.

I was almost there. The down pour dropped to a drizzle. That's when I saw 2 security guards of one of the IT companies walking side by side. It immediately gave me the romantic thought of how nice it would be to walk with her at this time of the night with a drizzle. My conscience cut it off, 'You bloody must be alive to bloody walk with her'. I pulled myself back and concentrated on getting me home.

Finally, at the end of hell, I reached my home. Room sweet room. All the pleasant memories of my room flooded my mind with the faces of all those loved ones. Don’t know what is keeping me awake at 3.50AM now listening to the heavy metal collection which I recently got from P. Guess am just savoring being alive. Gotta wash of the cold nightmare with a hot shower now.