Monday, March 30, 2009

Myself N the Director

I went home last friday. I was as usaul having fun going around the town in my Libero and again as usual a friend accompanied me. Deepak has finished his Visual Communication on my advice avoiding engg which is miles apart from him.

Deepak is so obsessed with photography, after all it's his profession. He used to take a lot of pictures of me in different poses in my mobile and ask me to take double the number pictures of him.

We had fun in the O.T. beach the upcoming harbor. The place is beautiful as I had already told you in the Kitty reaches 100kmph post. We took a lot of pictures of each other. Will sharer a few with you soon:-)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Recession Vs Charmee

I watched a movie after a very long time. Yup it has been more than a week, more than 200+ hours. I don’t know what on earth kept me so busy (lol).

Anyways today I watched the movie ‘Ladam’. We enjoyed the movie. Though the climax was a little dull it doesn’t matter. In general the movie was thrill, fun and enjoyable.

The best thing about the movie, Charmeeeeeee. Man I got obsessed. Myself and Achu started hallucinating at her exemplary well distributed beauty.

For every seen we esp. I felt like she is pinching my lil heart. For her every move we got completely moved.

At a point we got so envious about the hero that we even prayed he would better die at the hands of the villains. When Charmee kissed the hero we could hear our hearts break.

Near the end of the movie I decided I will give mom a copy of Charmee’s pic and ask her to look for a girl as beautiful as she is or at least half as beautiful as her.

Just then I realized, How long will it take for TCS to call me in? How long will I stay there before being kicked out? How long it will take for me to look for another job?
Finally what, where and how will I be after half a decade even if mom manages to find such a girl by then?

Recession destroyed all my dreams. No, no it stopped me from dreaming. I am now rolling on my bed unable to forget Charmeeeeeeeeee and regretting recession.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recession Mocks me :-)

Some of you must know I got placed in TCS. I may very well have got placed in a so called dream job but for various reasons I preferred TCS and wanted to stay with TCS.

But it was not until a couple of months before that rumors about we getting called in will take nearly an year. So I decided to look for an alternative or at least a temporary job to keep me occupied.

So I registered with Naukri. I got 100s of mail recommendations and I did apply for them. Then last Monday I got a mail calling for a E-Commerce or business consultancy kind of a company. The profile sounded interesting but there is no mention about the package.

I seldom bothered the package and hence I decided to give it a try owing to the interesting job profile. The recruitment process was scheduled to happen for 3 days. I went in the afternoon of the 2nd day, wondering whether all the vacancies been filled.

There was a written test for 1 hr 15mins. Some aptitude questions and then verbal ability and then a 3 page essay writing. I completed the entire thing in 30-35mins. Feeling pride about my CAT preparation and my blogging abilities that I wrote the essay emotionally till the last line of the 3rd page provided.

My friend who sucks in English didn't make it to the interview. They also rejected many others. I was feeling proud about myself.

After a long wait I was called in for an interview. An avg looking lady may be around 26 or so, single for sure interviewed me. The interview was over before it started anyway I still boasted about my analytical and managerial skills :P

Then came the funniest part. I was explained the job timings and the compensation package. The work is for 8hrs a day for 6 days in a week. If I choose night shift it is 5 days a week with some 50INR allowance a day. The job is a temporary one as I am still a student with a compensation around 5K.

I acquiesced, thinking that may be once I finish my degree in a month or 2 get my certificates and they make me permanent with a better package. Even 10-15K a month is better than me staying idle at home.

After an hour or so came the offer letter. Another cute lady of the same age group explained the procedures to join etc. I asked her about the pay hike once I get there permanently. She coolly said there will be no changes in the package. LOL :D

I would have laughed at her but unfortunately my chivalry stopped me from snubbing at her. I grimly walked out with my offer letter wondering whether I should feel it humorous or horrific.

After all the 14yrs of schooling and 4yrs of dying in this hell I get a job that pays only 5-6K a month. I would better stay idle with an engineering degree than mocking myself and the institute from which I am about to graduate.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kitty reaches 100Kmph

Its been a week since when I was waiting to write this post. Lobby hads bought a brand new Yamaha FZ16, the bike of the year. Its charismatic and more than that its rider friendly and the handling that gives a feel like the one with a obedient archaic wife.

The roof top of Clive Bungalow. Robert Clive the pop English General

Before the St.David Fort. Doesn't looks like a real fort, Does it? But its history

We went around the entire cuddalore and the surrounding places covering 100s of kilometers in a day. We were bored and obviously the best place in Cuddalore the Silver Beach, the world’s 3rd largest beach was our destination.

The mouth of river Kedilum

The Kedilum river’s mouth cut us from the O.T.(Old Town) beach we decided to go to the OT beach but not that day. The next day is when we decided to go to the OT beach.

Wow! The beach was so peaceful around 3P.M. in the afternoon. An ideal place for a date. It was beautiful place more than that its lonely. Unfortunately all we could do is regret the other is just a friend and not a girl friend (lol).

The beach was so long guess must be around a Km. I rode from one end of the beach to other reaching 97Kmph with lobby at the pillion screaming that he would fall of the bike at the bumps.

Now, its show time I dropped lobby at one end of the beach and started my record ride. It’s a bit risky to ride at the sea shore. It’s slippery near the waters and at a little distance the dry sand will suck the wheel in. So have to keep the bike at an optimal center and should keep the handbar steady.

Within 4-5 secs I could see the speedometer oscillating around 80. I felt the tears at the end of my eyes. The heavy air resistance made it harder for breath and was pushing me back, mind you if I say it’s a large open beach.

After some 10 secs I could see a steady oscillation between the 3 numbers 97,98,99 Kmph in my speedometer. I was dying to see a 100. That’s when I dipped in a shallow trough with water splashing for a couple of meters in all directions with huge noise and leaving me half wet.

I was slowed down by couple dozen kms. I accelerated as harder as possible to finally see 100Kmph near the end of the beach i.e. near the Kedilum’s mouth. With great fulfillment I rode back to lobby with the same phase without minding the speedometer, enjoying the ride. After which lobby tried and reached only 97kmph.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have learned...

I used to spend a lot of time in ORKUT it being my only hobby. I came across this profile which I felt is impressive at least the 'about me' part.

I read and reread it many times. I am not sure whether I feel it funny or factual. Anyways I wanted to share it with you. So here it is, just copied and pasted here directly. All I could hope is she doesn't sue me for a copyright,

"dunno knw much abt maself......
• I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.

• I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people are just assholes.

• I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy it.

• I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think.

• I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, unless we are celebrities.

• I've learned that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades, and there had better be a lot of money to take its place.

• I've learned that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when you're down will be the ones who do.

• I've learned that the people you care most about in life are taken from you too soon and all the less important ones just never go away.


. . . . . Someone

Man I shouldn’t be writing about this book. Damm, Fuck , oh shit look what this book has done to my language. Anyways I couldn’t resist myself from writing about this crappy work.(lol)

I never thought I would finish a 250+ page book in less than 6 hours, not to mention of the dinner break and other small talk in between. I really loved it.

The book was more like something I would have written, though I am not a 5 pointer I am a 7 (ROFL). If I had a chance to be 5 I really would have. Getting into this college from virtually a village is no less exciting than getting into IIT.

All I could hope is ‘Finger Point’ is at least half as successful as Ryan’s ‘lube project’ to prove 7 pointers do have brains and can change the way the world does something.

Though the book has some incidents even too much for imagination it is still acceptable owing to the thrill they add.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Autograph I - The V, H and Me

It’s too early for me to write my version of Autograph completely. Anyway it’s time for me to write the 1st part at least. Hey this might read a little silly but is from some intangible depth.

Myself, H and V were good friends at school. We studied our +1 in the same classroom. Myself and V had some sort of an guiltless enigmatic bond. All three of us shared a lot about ourselves and we speak a lot, adolescent chat.

We sat in parallel benches. I still could recall all the sign languages we used to communicate in the middle of classes. Esp. in the maths classes I and H used to finish the whole unit when the faculty is only at 30% of the unit. Just to show off to V, we used to get the unit signed from the faculty though there is no necessity for it. Her reaction when we say we had completed the unit made us feel at the top of the world (hehe).

I still remember the challenge I made to her for her 2nd place in the class. Certainly I did win the bet after a good deal of hard work. I have always admired her sincerity. When I 1st heard that she is not going to continue studies after her +2 I was crestfallen.

I saw her after 4yrs yesterday. I almost cried. She is pretty happy or at least she appears to be. I am satisfied that she is fine with her married life. I still feel like in a fantasy that she has an 18months old baby boy. She is still the same little V as I saw her at school. The sight of her son reminded me of a dialogue from the tamil movie NEW “Kid of a Kid”.(lol)

She is one of the rarest friends I ever had and will ever have in my life. Lost for words before her I returned back from her home in a short while, with a heavy heart.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dogs gave Oscar to DOG

I am not an expert in movies or music but I strongly believe these are not for experts but for audience like me. I have watched a lot of movies and listened to a lot of songs. Practically I am a movie freak and I live with music and listen to songs for at least 12hrs a day.

I have watched this movie with lots of anticipation. I haven’t heard of the story as always. I feel that I ll not enjoy the movie if I hear the story before watching it myself. From the title I expected the movie would be something like ‘GURU’ story of someone who knew what hunger is and what money is and who fights his way to riches.

I didn’t say that only this sort of a story is a good one. The point simply put is our Chennai Visual communication students have made better short films than this movie. True and people in the industry would for sure agree. This movie would have made an above average TV series in an Indian channel and definitely nothing more.

I do agree Rahman is a legend. More than 30% of my playlist is occupied by his works but this one. People please do tell me do you heartily agree that the ‘Jai Ho’ song is one of Rahman’s best. This is something mocking to this music maven. I guess even Rahman himself agrees to it. He has said that he had only 2% faith that he ll get this accolade.

The worst part is Indians celebrating such a mock aimed directly at their face. This magnifies the impression the global community has on us as FOOLs.

Not only the Indian people even the global community will agree there are unmatchable movies in Indian cinema history which inspite of their poor finance have touched millions of people. This prejudice and discrimination will one day destroy Oscar.

Monday, March 9, 2009

3 Things This week

I had 3 important or impressive things that I wished I share with you. One the movie Chasing Liberty, two our FYP 2nd review and finally the book "the 3 mistakes of my life" ordered by time.

After a weary project coding and testing this Saturday , I had a very bad mental
state. Too much of thinking about my project. I believed I couldn't sleep with this. I thought of watching this movie which is the only one left unseen in my Sweetie.

I started watching the movie just to get me out of this project mania but later I was completely drawn into it. One of the best romantic movies I have seen. The love and liberty chasing teenager and a young secret service agent trapped into something between duty and emotions. Finally the true potential of LOVE.

Just like the movie I needed something last night too. This time it is a book. I never expected the Indian kind would be so charismatic. I would definitely not appreciate the style with too much 'curses' though it made sense in the conversations. I wanted to read books of this sort to add something fruitful to my passion English.

Anyways i loved the book, inspite of me not being a cricket person and I agreeing with Govind's words "what would he do, take some good shots and make more ppl waste time before TVs". The romantic part as usual took me completely off guard I was sucked in like a dust particle into a vacuum cleaner. Then comes this thrilling part of riots and killing. Though a little tragic it went well at last. But I felt like I am watching a typical tamil movie.

Finally the big thing. Our Final Year Project's second review. In the 1st review when we disclosed my idea(will post the entire project report later) the panel was more skeptic than being impressed but they still wanted to see what we could do.

In the 1st review we were completely scored off. Actually we were no where then. We didn't even had an inkling of how we are going to do it. We gave some naive idea(though a little variation of it worked now) just for the sake of it. I was not bothered about marks but I let RP ma'am down.

Now it came to this. FYP 2nd review today. We are more scared than we were on the 0th review when more than a dozen projects where thrown off. The major fear was part of the project worked at times(lol) and the other worked well, which I guess the panel never thouhgt we would do. As feared this was not one of those times the part worked but still the other one worked and the panel was impressed and even Vani ma'am who saved us a lot of times tried to hurt some part RP ma'am saved us this time. Guess we will have more to share after the next review on Apr, 7th.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

'My number is in AU site'

QQuest came to an end leaving behind a lot of nostalgia hovering around. As I have already told you I had been incharge of college events and the marketing for the same, I had my number in all the posters and most annoyingly at the home page of Anna University site .

I had been boasting about this for the past month. Of course a typical man. Had been marketing more about this than about QQuest (LoL).

I must admit I was completely pissed of because of this. I had been getting calls from across the country and at times across the globe and at annoyingly awkward times. I once got a call from German a parent asking for procedures for an NRI admission here. The most funny part is the call from Nigeria talking about openning a branch of AU at Nigeria (ROFL).

Peacefully or pensively it's all over now. I no more have my number at the AU site, and am no more marketing be it for QQuest or self proclamation.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Fervent Fever!!!

I couldn’t get rid of the legion of thoughts about the past week. One of life’s most memorable days. The days were the most challenging, a lot of learning and a lot of new people. The news about our event has come in various news papers including The Hindu’s Business page dated Mar, 1st, 2009, Sunday. Lakshmi on instructions from sir and a lil guidance from me(lol) was writing an article that evening for more news the next day or day after.

The 2nd day Feb, 27th, Friday
Last year we had to skip the schools part of QQuest owing to poor response. But this year, man I was taken away completely. There were more than half a K school children in the campus from various schools. Only then I was able to appreciate that the campaigning by the 2 B’s Bibilson and Bhavana across 50+ schools has paid off.

I was doomed to sit in the Hospi desk as I had to take care of colleges. 2nd yrs Aathilakshmi and Hymavati managed Industry people while helping out college registrations by writing ID cards. I was trying my best to sell of delegate cards (lol), marketing my best to make more people delegates. I designed the registration software for colleges.

I was accompanied by Akila, with Bibilson visiting us oft amidst his schools work. We registered a lot of colleges and had to unexpectedly close the IV registration well before the expected number. N and his friends Tejas, Karan, Ruchit and HarsHa who created a buzz in QQuest colleges came in that morning after their weary long rail journey.

In the evening Bhavana’s successor Kishore conducted Biz Quiz for colleges for a participant set that is more than double last year’s. Hats off to marketing team of QQuest.

The 3rd day Feb, 28th Saturday
I was about to get the second piece of idly between my lips when I received a call from Lavanya. “Anna, people are waiting for college registrations come soon”. I did had the 2nd piece but not the 3rd. Had to run back to my room get my Sweetie and run to the hospi desk.

There were 20+ ppl waiting to get them registered for QQuest’09. I felt bewitched. Had asked them write their details in their cards themselves expect for the QID. Somehow we managed the initial crowd. Mohan Raj the Web Design Wizard of turned up after his assessment exam to ease our burden at the hospi desk.

I had the chance of speaking a lil to our beloved alumini Chenba, Kani n Kuzalee akkas.

People left for Lucas TVS the IV. Loads of restrictions at the company Gokul somehow vaulted over all the vaults and completed the IV successfully.

After long wait A turned back after lunch and I had to hurry to the event which I proposed and my entrepreneurial aspired juniors Swetha n Sujitha took forward. The QQuest’09 Entrepreneurship Awards judged by the Founder of Landmark Hemu Ramaiah went well. All of us felt obliged for the care and passion of her for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The time filling event Quality Guru got too much attention as the other events required pre-preparation. Our Bangalore gang won the 2nd and 3rd placed with a bang. In the evening’s appraisal meet Kuzalee akka gave out QQuest bags and T-shirts to us.

The Big Day
This day the costlier corporate events were held. The day again opens with an emergency. B had probs with the laptop and the projector and the ppt brought by some team. I had to hurry to the hall. Later in the evening heard from Bhagya my quiz team successor tell me that she has conducted FLM quiz better than me.

The crucial part 4th yr Lavanya the supposedly in charge of certificates was fumbling with lack of volunteers to write certificates. Me with my genius’ handwriting could only be able to get ppl for the job rather than risking it myself. Lakshmi, Nathiya, Pooja, Hymavati from 2nd yrs had done a lot of writing though at times wasting a few certificates (lol).

The worst part is when Sir refused to sign IV certificates stating that would bring down the value of the other certificates. The participation certificates were not in a position to be signed. I had a bad time though a lil less worse than I had imagined.

The valediction was organized by Gautam one of the dedicated and passionate guys of QQuest’09 team with guidance from last years organizers Lavanya and Sangeetha.

Towards the end I had been answering / apologizing for not being able to give their certificates. Between sir announcing my name in the stage calling me for honoring my work (hehe). I don’t know what the college students were thinking at that time.