Friday, October 31, 2008

"My Sassy Girl" - Learn Love

Love.. has been one of the very pleasant mysteries since time immemorial. Scientist recently have managed to give at least a vague explanation blaming the hormones and giving weird names Oxytocin, Vasopressin and testosterone blah blah blah.. Nevertheless the true feeling of love the feeling of indispensable togetherness, the very thought of the lover’s welfare without any worldly expectations still remains a mystery. 

This movie “My Sassy Girl” is a Korean movie on love. When in India where people call themselves most civilized and cultured take love for granted in movies and put unacceptable things in the name of love this movie is very decent and I could sense zero lust anywhere in the movie.  

When the girl says true love is not about living happily with someone but letting the lover live happily, the exact words “Your girlfriend changed her mind, right?. Did you really love her.? Ask yourself. I think you didn’t. If you really love her, you should let her go, If not then it’s not love.” It not just breaks down the desperate soldier who lost his girlfriend to someone else in tears, but also touches our hearts. I don’t know how touching the lines are here, but in the movie they are. 

The claim by the girl’s parents that the guy is an idiot and has no plans for his future does sound pragmatic. But the life without the one whom you loved truly, is it worth all the sumptuous living with someone rich or well to do. I really don’t know I never felt true love, between money is my career. Nevertheless this question of the existence of true love keeps hitting me every now and then.  

knowing a guy as his lover's fiance the hero instead of showing his annoyance politely advises him on how to deal with the girl. When the girl runs for him hearing about this incident ah! I don't know how to put that in words.

The climax of the movie thank heavens is not tragic as in tamil movies. The climax of the movie is the best part of the movie. The logic that true love triumphs though fictitious (“building a bridge of chance for someone you love”) it’s better left unexplored. As the pop saying “Ignorance is bliss” some things are better left unknown, after all life is all about emotions and feelings.  

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dazzling Diwali Oct'08

After a month I was back home. Rainy dull chill climate. I came here 4 days before diwali. We don't use to have non-veg on fridays and saturdays sooo sad :-( . I m a non-veg freak that to when it comes to mom's dishes ah! I go crazy.

  Then comes this sunday. I woke up directly for lunch. As soon as I got up wow! spicy smell of mom preparing something. Infact I was woken up by the fragrance. I was wondering whether it's chicken or fish because mutton was reserved for the next day. I couldn't differentiate from the smell. To my pleasant surprise it's both chicken and fish. Should you ask me how the lunch was. 

 Sunday night the day before Diwali. Actually I were a little busy with a software I were developing for a doctor. So lost interest in crackers. But when dad is back home, how can I still maintain I don't mind crackers. We reserved crackers we bought for the next day. Had two big gift boxes, burnt them down completely in an hour. It was great fun. Soooo colorful though felt sorry for the air & noise pollution caused by us.

The big day. Diwali!. AS I were working till 3am I got up only by 6.00am. After dad's oil massage had a sound bath. Usually we would be the alarm clock on Diwali days the day ll start with a 5000wala or at least a 1000wala lit around 4am but this year only 600wala that to after six.

 Anyways that is not a inhibiting factor. Dad said it's not goat as usual but sheep. I said never mind. I had 10+ idlies and 2 more dosas. Man after all it's one in a month meal for someone staying far away from home. 

 Then I went to Vallab's home. His roof top is our launch pad, lab etc etc. We used to do our acetylene experiments, explosive experiments and projectile range calculations etc etc there. We had an entire pack of double shots, our personal favorite for projectile experiments. The sad thing is even after 50 double shots we failed to tamper the neighbor’s syntax plastic tank. Then comes the 20 rockets not as funny as double shots . We use double shots as shot gun shells load it into a pipe and fire like 19th century canons.

 Then in the afternoon Thala's movie Aegan. Definitely worth the 100 rupees at least for Well before the climax I was reminded of the lunch I missed due to over eaten breakfast. As soon as the movie got over I returned home after dropping Vallab & Deepak in their homes. Yup triples in my Yamaha Lebero.

  After lunch at 5.30 pm long wait for dad to come till 7.30pm. Then starts the ultimate fun my sister Abhi's friend Dennis joined us. We altogether burned 2.5k worth toys. So very colorful the 12shot is the highlight, continously 12 shots kept firing to the sky one by one creating a colorful circular carpet in the air.. oh neck acke kept watching the sky.

Then gotta go to bed I have to take the bus scheduled at 4.45am next morning, back to my dirty room in our quaint hostel.

Friday, October 24, 2008

QQuest Quizes Feb 08

Quality Quest the National level Quality Symposium, conducted by AU-TVS Students Quality Club aims at meliorating quality awareness among industries and students through various quality related events.
As I said in my previous post I am very fortunate to be part of the quiz team'08 of SQC. We conducted a Biz quiz for CEG and 3 other quizes in QQuest.
BIZ+Quality for college students.
Qualit Quizes for FLMs and Operators.

k k enough informative stuff.

It was a tough month myself and Bhavana among 3rd yrs and six others Dinesh, Bhagya, Sabarish, Preethi, Yuvaraj & Aarthy were in the team. There were a few others who left the team due to weary workload. Most of us spent sleepless nights. 2nd yrs prepared questions and I had to review them, the toughest of all. There were reliable sources with inconsistent data like both Tata Power & Reliance power claiming they were they the largest private power firms. Many such things in quality subjects. But the nevertheless it was fun. I used to get calls after midnight and i the early mornings as early as 3am, though annoying I was pleased by the commitment our team ppl had.
I must admit that I almost fell for all the skills(that made her the exec vice-president of SQC 2008-09) Bhavana possed in getting things done. I as a token of my admiration for her asked for her Event Manager Tag ( Every 3rd yr had one during QQuest) and she with a sweet smile gave it after a week, one of my valuable possessions.
I ll never forget the tough look Bhavana gave me when I was controlling the slides and I messed it up once nevertheless she is witty and handled the situation, she really is a good quiz master.
After every quiz we would report it to Kuzhalee akka, she would listen quitely except to point out my excessive excitement in telling her what happened.
The embarrassing moment when I slipped off in the stage's steps when I conducted the FLM quiz now brings a nostalgic smile on me.

It was my life's best enjoying+learning experience. I will always be grateful to Kanimozhi akka (then exec vice president of SQC) for being an important part in taking me in to SQC.

Miss those days badly..

With Nostalgia,
PS: Will never in my life talk in a meeting again kani ka.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kuzhal The Bullet

I wish my first post is interesting so I start with the description of an interesting person. We have this Students Quality Club in our college. I was determined to be part of this prestigious club. After 2months of repeated shots I hit it and joined the club as a volunteer in Aug 08. Right from then I am very passionte to work there as everyone else there, after all it's a place only for the right people with the right commitment, commitment to the statement "Your dreams our Commitment".
Ya I understand I never told u the name of the person yet. It's none other than Elavaarrkuzhalee akka.
Bruce Lee
Jet Lee
Bret Lee
kuzha Lee
as described by Karthick.
Initially I were more with Jegan anna and Kani akka. Only a couple of months before QQuest(will write a post on it later) I got in good touch with her. She was soo soft for her position I thought I never heard nor opined that she is soo strict and is fearfully called as BULLET( I wonder whether it's the horror or her till the next week of QQuest.
The first task she gave me was to prepare a case study for FLMs for QQuest. I was assigned the task in the morning and I came up with an acceptable piece that evening she is pleased(I guess) may be if I delayed it for a couple of days I would have got hit by bullet.
Then as a fortunate accident I got into the quiz team(see in QQuest post) with Bhavana. And fortuantely Kuzhalee aka was incharge of the team's work. Every now and then we had to update our status to her. She used to give a perfect evaluiation of our work but never hurt us even to the slightest possible degree.

I would never forget how badly I was annoyed when she said she was getting married the 30th of that month(Feb) and I idiotically asked her why so early.
She deserves to be the Boss( definitely paera kaetalae athirum)anywhere she is.
We miss u ka.

(Kuzallee Akka & Manonmani Akka Discussing Q Factor prelims)

With Lots of Love,


PS: I dedicate this post to Kuzhalee akka's slam book, in which I never wrote.