Monday, July 16, 2012

Why did I join XIMAHR?

It’s some question that kept coming back to me from both outsiders and even from some fellow XIMAHRians. I have never been candid in my answers. Not that I have something to hide just that it’s complicated to explain. Anyway felt it’s time I shared the answer. Here goes…

I aspire to be a business owner someday. Hence I choose to start my career with marketing as it gives a holistic approach to management experience. A marketing manager manages the finances (budgets), decides the compensation and incentives to his team, handles the operations of distribution, inventory management etc. Hence as a marketing manager I would gain experience to run a near autonomous independent business.

Now comes the question of why XIMAHR?

Once my business is established I can appoint a CMO to handle all marketing activities, a CTO for IT, a CFO for finances and a COO for operations. I certainly can appoint a CHRO for HR. However who will handle all these C(X)Os. In a fancy dignified way we can call them collectively as executives or top management. In hindsight they are after all my human resources. They have to be handled pretty much like any other employee in the organization. They have to be appraised, their compensation negotiated etc etc

I firmly believe in this management philosophy of people first. A boss can delegate managing every function but can never run away from the HR function. The term 'manager' first implies someone who manages people then comes managing everything else.

Getting to learn the HR aspects and processes from the future HR experts working alongside; the hands on experience is a valuable take away for which I joined XIMAHR.

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