Saturday, November 12, 2011

It’s Our Culture PERIOD

Well long time, and yeah I hate to come back with a serious post. Nevertheless this is something that’s nagging me for quite sometime. Now in the wake of Carnivel De Vogue and blind date as part of Xpressions'11 it makes more sense for me to write it.

The primary cause for this post is ‘Conclave’, the opening event of XPressions’11. The topic of discussion was ‘Is Gen Y as broad minded as it proclaims to be?’ One a veteran marketer consultant and the other the head of Nasscom it was the best talk session I attended in XIMB till date. Conclave has stimulated a lot of things that were dormant in the back of my mind. The primary one as you would have guessed the culture factor.

The definition that was said about broad mindedness is ‘Accepting it when others are right’. The one I understood from the talk is adapt to the right things in others. There was also stress on preserving our cultural practices that are good and have a good understanding of why we follow certain practices.

Well to come to the point. I have often been into this argument especially with my roommate and a couple of other friends here. Dates, live-ins the way people dress, he always has something to complain that things are not right. When I get pissed I get into the argument saying what’s wrong dude? The first thing is that’s not our culture.

I had tried in vain to reason with him only to be snubbed at with the line, ‘That’s not our culture Period’. Hmmm… well I must honestly admit that I have no clear idea of what one means by the word ‘Culture’. With my understanding of culture it’s the way of life that has been devised with certain values as believed by a majority or the powerful elite of the society.

If I may say so, I believe ‘Sati’ system was once part of our culture, so is untouchability. So, now my dear friend(s) do you want your girlfriend/wife to die with you? And girls, those of you who proclaim to be the last guardians of our culture, are you ready?

To add to it, will you ask your friends who are of culturally inferior castes not to eat from your plate, let alone not to touch you. Firstly, can you make out the difference?

Over the years the right kind of questions asked, the reasoning and broad mindedness of great people have brought in a change in the society for the greater good. It is the reasoning of what’s good and what’s bad makes us humans the most intelligent of all species (supposedly :p). Hence I suggest you remain human and accept change for good.

Now with genetics, we are in a world where even things made by God are bound to change. Culture is after all man made, it’s neither sanctimonious nor is solid.


padu said...
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padu said...

Whatever you have written about is very much true but in a few situations its nice to fall back on OUR CULTURE :P :P